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Video Feedbacks from our Previous Clients

It goes without saying that one of the most important parts of travel of any kind is to share your experience with friends or relatives, etc. In the following videos, a number of our clients talked about their unique Tibet travel experience and offered their objective Tibet travel reviews that Tibet Vista has provided. Let’s find out what they said.

  • Martin's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Martin's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    Hello, there. I’m Martin, Thanks for the opportunity to give your some feedback. It was my pleasure to be your tourist for one week. Actually, a bit more and… there are a lot of impressions I was able to collect. And definitely, impressed about the beautiful landscape Tibet has to offer, like snow mountains, lots of rivers, even deserts and sand, lakes. There are lots of histories involved in this country. And lot of temples, monasteries, and friendly,and nice people...
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  • The Swiss Family's Tibet Tour Video Review

    The Swiss Family's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    Things are going very well, yeah, very very happy. And so far, everything went smooth. Also with the altitude, there was no issue. Yes, very flexible , also with the kids. So we can travel with two small kids, and they are very open and flexible. So always adapt to our daily necessities. We had our concerns, yes. We were also reading a little bit. We talk also you know to the doctor, and he say with proper preparation, there shouldn’t be any issue.
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  • Mary's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Mary's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    This is my 7th day in Tibet, and I had the most wonderful time touring around with my guide Small Tenzin. And he is the best guide ever, compassionate, good teacher, and very understanding, and make sure we’re all comfortable. But most importantly, he teaches us about the culture, the society and he has been very outstanding every piece of it. We had a great great time, very relaxing, very zealous. I recommend this to anyone. Welcome to Tibet. I hope so.
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  • Sophie's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Sophie's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    Yes, I have an amazing trip with Tibet Vista. And it was like 8 days the tour was going on and so much beautiful spots, lightning spots and a lot of monasteries, and Small Tenzin told us so much about Tibetan Buddhism. I feel like an expert now, and I had an incredible time. So thanks for this small journey, it was quite amazing!
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  • Tormey's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Tormey's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    Small Tenzin, Small Tenzin very friendly, very nice guy, we learned a lot about Tibetan culture, especially Buddhism, the whole scenery, the landscapes, and of course, monasteries, so then it’s quite very nice experience, very intricate and want to learn more about Tibetan culture and Buddhism. Welcome! Hope to see you again.
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  • Nina and Jacob's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Nina and Jacob's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    Yes, we love this trip, we’d a great trip,we joined with the budget Tibet tours and spent 8 days and love Tibet with perfect weather and perfect people, and good food. To us, there have been some complications to our plan that went around. They made the deal. And didn’t miss a single thing. You know they really went extra efforts to make sure that we get the full experiences we paid for and asked for. Went above our expectations! We love Tenzin! And Tenzin is awesome.
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  • Adam's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Adam's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    Coming to Tibet has been an incredible dream for me to fulfill and to do with Tibet Vista. Fantastic! And I feel luck and had the journey and the experience of a lifetime. Just luck to say as well, just spending time here Tibet and in the company of Small Tenzin, he is a phenomenon guy for both full of information and knowledge. Some good laughs and good fantastic group here as well. And a real dream for me to share the moment I see Everest especially and I'll drive home, you can see, those stunning views everyday. It just blows and survine with taking some photographs but you'll never be up to do it.
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  • John's Tibet Tour Video Review

    John's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    We had the very nice visit, we had very good tours, and I think the excellent guide for all his efforts for the good explanations. We were very happy about every aspect of this tour, and also want to thank the driver who did a very good job and very safe driving, thank you very much.
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  • Karin and Dem's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Karin and Dem's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    We're doing great. Karin and Dem we live in HK and we are here visiting this beautiful country with Pasang on the Ganden Monastery kora right now. You can see beautiful valley behind us. This is a wonderful been only four days we have end our trip. Vista organized this excellently and Pasang is wonderful for showing us this country. We were very grateful. Yeah, this is the most amazing trip I've ever been on and we don't wanna leave. And…Yeah, it’s amazing tour guide Pasang and great organization and the most beautiful landscape, beautiful people, we love Tibet.
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  • Ben's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Ben's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

    For me, I think from landing out the airport, to actually going to the hotel, and doing the whole trip, it's been great. I’m being very very happy. And the guide has been amazing. And we had Tenzin for the guide, and every step, when we go to the monasteries, when we going for food, he knew so much about the country, any question we needed to ask, he had answers at all time. He was able to help us and an amazing guide, very nice person.
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  • Raymond's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Raymond's Tibet Travel Review in Oct.2015

    Hello, there. I’m Raymond Kid and client of CINDY Xiao who did a wonderful job by arranging transportation, getting by tickets, without her I won’t be able to actually come here to Tibet. I went through different travel agents. And they told me, oh you should book your travel tickets long time ago. Now, it’s too late, so I gave up that travel agent. And Cindy when I sent her e-mail she responded right back. And she has done an excellent job and I’m so good she works for your company. Thank you.
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  • Lesly's Tibet Tour Video Review

    Lesly Tibet Travel Review in 2012, 2014 and 2015

    In April 2012, I went to my dream trip to Tibet using Tibet Vista, which is a company that has choice and random over the internet. As a solo traveler and a woman traveler still young and hot, it really was an amazing experience that gave me the reliability and freedom, the advantage that I wanted for the trip, within a degree of convenience and very comfortable situation...
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  • John's Tibet Tour Video Review

    John Tibet Travel Review in Nov.2015

    Recommendation, lots of people have been asking me. How is it? Well, I have been putting it on facebook. All the pictures. Everybody is like wow~~ It’s amazing. You know. People have come, I think people once see Everest, they would come for the Nepal side. But, everybody knows the difficulty is… en. the difficulty is I went through to get visa to come here. From every single point, even booking an airplane to come through Chinese company if you try to book Tibet, you can not do it unless you start proving to them that you have got a visa sent from a company.

    With your company...
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