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Tibetan Culture

China is a unified multi-ethnic country. As a lovely member of the big family, Tibetan has always been in close contact with other ethnic groups. Through thousands of years of mutual absorption and promotion, Tibetan have developed their own splendid culture like a shining peal in the world.

Tibetan people are the main ethnic group living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Under the profound influence of ancient Bon Religion and Tibetan Buddhism, unique folk customs and aesthetic taste took shape. Tourists can see the panorama of Tibetan culture through Tibetan history, arts, medicine, festivals, handicrafts, architecture, foods and drinks, etc.

Tibetan Festivals

Another big draw for tourists to travel Tibet is its distinctive festivals. According to Tibetan calendar, Tibetan festivals, large and small, long and short, fall on every month, aiming to worship Gods, commemorate Buddhist masters, pray for good harvest, entertain themselves and so on. Based on festive content and all sorts of celebrations, Tibetan festivals can be roughly divided into two groups, traditional festivals and religious festivals.

And Tibetan Buddhist Festivals account for a significant portion, varying from sect to sect. Take Gelugpa (the Yellow Hats) for example. Great Prayer Festival and Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival are always the first things on their mind. Other schools of Tibetan Buddhism like Nyingmapa (the Red Hats), Kagyupa (the White Hats) also have their own dharma assembly and ceremony. Meanwhile, some monasteries also hold their unique celebrations, like Drigung Cham Dance Festival, Tashilhunpo Monastery Festival, Ganden Thangka Unveiling Festival, etc.

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Tibetan Cuisines & Local Snacksl

Tibetan Arts

While traveling in Tibet, you’ll find that art shines everywhere: golden monasteries on hills, stone and rock carvings in deserts and cliffs, fluttering prager flags around lakes and passes, anciet kingdom on the mountaintop, colorful frescos and thangkas inside the temples, singing and dancing over the grassland. In a word, where there is a Tibetan, there is Tibetan art.

Tibetan Arts

Tibetan Handicrafts

Developing from thousands of years of production and living on the highland, Tibetan traditional handicrafts have fully embodied ethnic wisdom and artistic taste. Once laying a finger on those delicate works, you’ll be immediately allured by its unique style and special design. Just wandering around Barkhor street, tourist will find out the best Tibetan gifts for their family and friends.

Tibetan Handicrafts

Tibetan People and its History, Religion, Language, Medicine & Architecutre

In the mid-seventh century, the great Tubo King Songthen Gampo married Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti and Tang Princess Wencheng, and then Buddhism was introduced to Tibet from India, Nepal and Central China. During this period, Tibetan architecture, opera, language, literature and medicine also got fully developed.

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