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Trekking Tibet in Summer: It’s Just Wonderful!

Latest Update: June,28 2019

With the highest oxygen content in air and more vegetation, visiting Tibet in the summertime can be a great choice. Don’t be deterred from the traditional concept of “Monsoon Season”. The high altitude, distinct topography and alpine climate gives Tibet pleasant weather in summer and constant downpours are rarely seen.

Can I trek in Tibet in summer? Sure! You doubt it? Come one, let’s check the latest trekking tours our guests have done with us.

What our guests had this time was the Ganden to Samye trek. It might not be the most famous one but actually has emerged as the most popular trek in the Ü region. Despite its popularity, this 4-day trek is a bit demanding since it crosses two passes over 5000m.

Our guests said he has done many treks before, but it was the first time for him trekking at such high altitude. It was a bit hard, sometimes, for him. But the views make everything worthy.

Our guests having a photo togetherOur guests having a photo together during the trek

In the first few days, our guests acclimatized themselves in Lhasa. In the meantime, they visited famous sites like Potala Palace, Johkang Temple and Barkhor Street. Then they went to the outskirts of Lhasa to see Sera and Drepung Monasteries. The monk debate in Sera Monastery was really a spectacle to them. The next day, after visiting the holy Ganden Monastery, our driver will drive to Tsubshi Village, where we prepared the yaks, yak handler and cook before starting the trek.

The first day is just easy with 2 to 3 hours’ hike. During the 7km trekking, you would enjoy the overview of Kyi-chu Valley and Hepu village (4240m). We arrived early at Yamda Do (4490m), our destination for the first day.

The reason we designed it this way is that Yama Do offers extensive large campsites while camping sites are hardly available after it and before the pass. Plus, it’s gonna be a long climb the next day. So rest yourself fully today!

 Our Tibetan cook preparing dinner Our guide and Tibetan cook preparing dinner for our guests

The second day was a 5 to 6 hours long trek from Yama Do to Tsotuo-chu Valley via Shuga-la Pass, with a whole trekking distance of 10km. It is not the longest day of all, but absolutely the most challenging day. Above Yama Do, the valley's watercourse splits into three branches. Follow the central (southern) branch, trek on the rocky path for 3 hours and you will pass Shuga-la Pass (5250m), the highest point of the whole trek. When descending to the valley floor, you can enjoy the amazing views of the valley and the lake at its head.

 Our guests walking on the rocky path Our guests walking on the rocky path to Shuga-la Pass

 Our guests walking on the rocky path

 Our guests walking on the rocky path

Cross the large Tsotup-chu (4980m), and you will come to the pasture and would find the sites where herders camped for grazing yaks, goats and sheep. It can be hard to find a dry camp site though. But our guides are so familiar with this area that they can always find the best place to camp.

 Our guests enjoying the lush views Our guests enjoying the lush views and food after a long day

On day 3 of the trek you would pass another 5000-meter-high pass, the Chitu-la Pass (5210m). Although it is just a bit lower than Shuga-la Pass, it is considerably easier to climb over. After passing the pass, you will come to a basin with three small lakes. You can relax a bit and, possibly, you might be lucky to spot blue sheep.

After this, you would cross multiple camping sites formed by the river junction. But in early summer time it can be very busy here with Tibetans motor-biking to the highlands digging for yartsa gunbu, a strange root which is half vegetable, half caterpillar. It’s believed to be a valuable medicinal fungus at around ¥20,000 (US$3200) per kilo. If you come here at the right time, you may want to join them and have fun.

 Our guests and a local herdsman Our guests taking a photo with a local herdsman

The last day of the trek is a combination of 15 km trek and 24 km ride in the vehicle. The first few hours are believed to be the most beautiful part of the entire trek. More than 15 types of scrub trees, blooming rhododendrons and fragrant junipers will amaze your all along the way! The delightful trail also winds through a couple of meadows where you can savour the paradise-like views with some snacks and yak butter tea.

 One of our guests relaxing on the meadow One of our guests relaxing on the meadow

 One of our guests taking photos One of our guests taking photos of the beautiful landscape

In the end, we will come to Changtang, the first permanent village since Hepu with modern street lights. You can choose to climb up to Yamalung Hermitage, a sacred meditation site where the Tibetan Guru Rinpoche is said to have meditated in and received the empowerment. It is just one hour hike and most trekkers choose to end this trek with a visit to this site.

Our guests and Tibetan staff at Yamalung HermitageOur guests and Tibetan staff taking a photo at Yamalung Hermitage

After that, our driver will pick you up and drive you to Samye. The next day, visit the Samye Monastery, the first monastery built in Tibet, enjoy the Yarlung River Valley, and then you are about to end your journey.

Oh, btw, our guests said they wanted to come back again. So, don’t hesitate!

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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