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Tips for Female Travel in Tibet

Latest Update: July,13 2017

 Female travel in TibetMore and more female visitors come to Tibet alone or in small groups

Tibet sees thousands of tourists coming to the region every year, and more females are making the trip, either alone or in small groups. With this growing number of female visitors to the region, we have compiled a list of the best travel tips for females coming to Tibet.

 Female travel in TibetGroup photo at Lake Namtso

Tibet is one of the safest places in Asia for female travelers, though it is still advisable to have company when going out at night. In addition, while the Tibetan culture has very few taboos that may be inadvertently broken, there are some dos and don’ts to consider.


 Female travel in TibetPaying a visit to the Drepung Monastery

Clothes are the first thing to consider. It is advisable to avoid wearing shorts, low-cut or tight-fitting tops, or other revealing clothes. Tibet is a region ruled by tradition, and it is regarded as inappropriate to be under-dressed. Long shirts with long pants or a long skirt are the best option, keeping you well covered. Tibetan women normally wear a chupa, an ankle-length dress, with a long-sleeved blouse and some kind of jacket.

 Female travel in TibetPhoto at the rooftop of Drepung Monastery

While it may seem like a good idea when trekking to wear a long skirt, for easier movement and freedom, it is better to wear a pair of baggy, loose-fitting pants. However, when on the road or just visiting the multitude of sights in Tibet, a long dress can be more convenient and easier when it comes to that roadside call of nature.

Personal Hygiene

 Female travel in TibetPhoto with Tibetan mastiff at Yamdrok Lake

Women in Tibet do not normally have daily showers or baths, the way westerners and people in warmer climates do. Baths are normally only taken during the yearly bathing festivals. The normal way to bathe in Tibet is to take a sponge bath, which reduces the risk of catching a cold in the colder climate of the plateau. And remember, it is best not to bathe for the first two days, until your body has acclimatized to the high altitude.

 Female travel in TibetPhoto at Yamdrok Lake

Facial creams, moisturizers, hand lotions, and lip balms are necessary for any female traveler. The combination of cold bathing water and cold, dry winds can leave your lips chapped and your skin dry and damaged. Sun block is also a good idea for those with pale skin.

Temple Rules

 Female travel in TibetPhoto inside Palcho Monastery

Even though more women are traveling to Tibet, some monasteries and temples have not relaxed their rules about women. In central Tibet, being more modernized, women are allowed to enter most of the temples and monasteries, although some areas may still be off limits, such as the protector’s chapel.

 Female travel in TibetPhoto outside the Tashilhunpo Monastery

In the regions of Kham and Amdo, however, monasteries and temples are stricter in the rules, and women are rarely allowed to enter the chapels. And, in some of the strictest monasteries, women will not even be permitted to enter the courtyard area.

Out and About

 Female travel in TibetPhoto at the foot of Mt. Everest

When traveling around, it is best to stay with the guide wherever you go. Tibetans are a warm and friendly people, and will often welcome visitors warmly. While there is very little chance of you being the victim of a crime, especially since you will have a guide with you all the time, there are a few who will try little tricks and scams to relieve you of some, if not all, of your money, so a belt pouch would be a good idea. And do not take out all your money at once in public.

 Female travel in TibetRest on snowfield while trekking on Mt. Kailash

Traveling in Tibet for women is safer than anywhere else in Asia, due to the respect Tibetan people have for each other, and for their visitors. Tourism is one of the major industries in some parts of Tibet, and the locals value their reputations as honest merchants and hosts.

 Female travel in TibetReady to take a bird view of Ganden and surrounding countryside

Whether traveling alone, or with a group of friends, Tibet is an experience of a lifetime, and an opportunity to visit the roof of the world is one that should not be missed.

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