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Tibet Tour for Families:What Does It Feel Like to Have a Family Visit in Tibet with a 7-Year-Old Girl?

Latest Update: November,24 2019

When it comes to April, everything seems to be coming to life and there’s the smell of vividness in the air. At this time, nothing would be more perfect than leaving your work behind and traveling with your kids and beloved one together.

Earlier this month, we had our first family tour in 2019, with a seven-year-old girl in the group. Share this article to your family if you are thinking of a trip like this as well.

Travelling in Tibet with a 7-Year-Old

Although we have set tour packages, it is actually quite flexible. For this family, since it’s their first time in Tibet and have enough time but want a journey not too energy-consuming for their 7-year-old daughter, we customized an itinerary based on our classic 5 Days Lhasa and Yamdrok Lake Tour by arranging the two highlights within easy reach around Lhasa: the three must-visit monasteries of Gelug Sect in Lhasa - Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Ganden Monastery - and the sacred Yamdrok Lake, the biggest freshwater habitat for migratory birds in Tibet.

Our experienced driver and friendly Tibetan guide met them with a special Tibetan welcoming ceremony and, since the first day is usually for acclimatization, we spent the rest of the day first resting in the cozy hotel a bit, walking around and having authentic Tibetan food and then explaining to them the route with details of the altitude and temperature, the special tips we have developed over the many times of having kids in our groups, etc.

Our guide met the family with a special Tibetan ceremonyOur guide met the family with a special Tibetan ceremony.

The next morning, the weather turns to be extremely perfect, so our guide suggested visiting Drepung and Sera Monasteries first. Expectedly, it proved to be a good decision.

Once the world’s largest monastery, Drepung Monastery is still now the largest temple in Tibet. Also, it used to be the residence of the Dalai Lama before Potala Palace was built. Although it’s now not the time for Buddha Unfolding, they did had a good time there, enjoying the astonishing architecture and gorgeous scenery Lhasa River valley following the off-the-beaten hiking paths our guide took.

A sunny day with fewer tourists in Jokhang Temple of downtown LhasaA sunny day with fewer tourists in Jokhang Temple of downtown Lhasa.

When enjoying the Monk Debate in Sera Monastery, the family cultivated some true interest in this ancient way of learning in Tibetan Buddhism. Luckily, our guide was knowledgeable enough to give some insights into their own religion. This is not something you can learn from school and, for the little girl, this must’ve been a really amazing lesson for real.

The second day in downtown Lhasa was easy but rewarding. The hustling of Barkhor Street, the magnificence of Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace give them a real touch of how local Tibetans live their daily lives.

They were not just open to this but also eager to try local food.

The father showed his cute daughter how to add chilli sauce into noodlesThe father showed his cute daughter how to add chilli sauce into noodles.

The next day they took the Ganden Kora, which is a must for trekking lovers in Lhasa. It was another great time for the family to become more connected through the difficulties along the way. However, it’s just easy to mild, so no problem for kid. They really enjoyed the 1-hour trek where they saw prayer flags and even hung their own ones. The snow together with sunshine gives a lot of fun to this trek as well. We even had a snowball fight on the kora! It was really great fun!

The family really enjoyed the snowball fightThe family really enjoyed the snowball fight.

The jade-colored Yamdrok Lake is another thing that has captured the family’s heart. The kid really loved it and the fluffy friend she made there!

Family at the Yamdrok Lake view platformFamily at the Yamdrok Lake view platform.

The little girl and the new friend she madeThe little girl and the new friend she made.

Some Tips for Parents When Travelling in Tibet

If you’re thinking of a Tibet trip like this with your kids, there is something you need to know before setting out.

Firstly, traveling in Tibet is totally safe for kids, as well as for old people. It’s absolutely understandable for parents to worry about their kids but, as a Tibet tour operator since 1984, we have had tons of tours with kids and elderly people, the youngest being a 10-months baby to a 3-year-old kid and the oldest being an 84-year-old who made to EBC and an 82-year-old to Mt.Kailash. Thus we know exactly what itineraries are best for either kids or elderly people on the Roof of the World and what to pay close attention to.

As to acclimatization, kids sometimes do better than adults. But as parents we need to make sure they have enough clothes at hand at all times and enough water to drink every day, and that they don’t exert themselves too much. Things like loose rocks on mountains and religious taboos are also something parents need to keep an eye on.

For families to have a worry-free Tibet trip, it is recommended to have a private tour which enables our experienced guide to be flexible on the itinerary. In addition, the guides we select for our family tour are usually those that are parents themselves, thus parents can enjoy themselves as much as they can but the kids’ the physical situation is closely paid attention to as well, since kids may find it hard to express what they feel about altitude. Also, our local guides will keep an eye that kids keep from the cultural taboos when, say, visiting a monastery.

Come and Have a Tibet Family Tour of Your Own

With monasteries, snowy views and treks and scared lake all in one, the family had their first time in Tibet safely and happily.

Right now it’s not high season, but the weather is mild enough to enjoy most part of Tibet. Should you be interested to come to Tibet now, just tell our travel consultant your kids’ age and your needs, then we’ll be able to come up with a Tibet family tour that suits you best.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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