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Photos from Our Holy Mt. Kailash Tours

Latest Update: July,12 2017

 Mount Kailash tourTrekking on holy Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash, in western Tibet, is one of the most unique mountains in the world. Not only is it considered to be the most venerated place in the world, it is also the holiest site of four separate religions. However, while the mountain is considered to be the holiest of sites by billions of people around the world, it is visited by only a few thousand of them every year. Despite it being venerated in four religions, its location in the remote area of western Tibet means that for many, it is an almost impossible task to get there.

Where is Mt. Kailash

Located over 1,300 kilometers west of Lhasa, Kailash is almost three days traveling from Tibet’s capital, and is a long and arduous journey. In past years, the region was too remote for many people, with long, overland drives, along untarred highways, making the journey difficult and dangerous. No buses, trains, or planes went to the area, and with the temperature often being very cold, it makes the terrain even more treacherous. Moreover, with a lack of food and supplies in western Tibet, pilgrims would be forced to carry everything they needed with them, or face possible starvation in this desolate land.

 Mount Kailash tour Mt. Kailash

How to get to Mt. Kailash

In recent years, the roads going into the western areas of Tibet have been improved, making travel a little easier and safer. Many of the roads have now been tarred, meaning cars and minivans are able to travel along them more easily. Airports also now exist in Ngari and Shigatse, and flights can be taken from Lhasa to either airport for travelers wanting to get to the region quicker, with flights taking under 3 hours. This has made the access into western Tibet better, increasing the number of people who can travel there.

 Mount Kailash tourSnow covered Kailash Mountain

What to pack for Mt. Kailash

Anyone wishing to tour this region is going to need some very specific items that you would not normally take on a vacation, to make sure you are well prepared for the trip. The main things to pack for any trip to Tibet include:

• Thick woolen sweaters
• Thick, warm pants
• Warm, fleece or down jacket
• Waterproof Jacket
• Warm hat or hooded jackets
• T-shirts
• Gloves

On top of this, there are certain things you will need for the specific trek around Mt. Kailash. First, you are going to need a good, strong pair of hiking boots. The Mt. Kailash kora is a rough and demanding one, which can challenge even the fittest person in this low-oxygen climate. Windcheaters or wind-proof jackets can be very useful here. It can be very windy at these altitudes, and a good wind-proof jacket will help keep out the chill of the Himalayan winds.

 Mount Kailash tourTrekking with backpacks

While you can use a suitcase or towbar box for your belongings when coming to Tibet, it is highly recommended to bring along a sturdy, waterproof backpack for trekking. Make sure the backpack you bring is comfortable enough to carry for long periods, and bring waterproof jackets in your pack, as there are times when it can rain while walking. Sunglasses, or snow glasses, are a good idea, and for the face, bring along some petroleum jelly, to coat the lips, nostrils and earlobes, as the winds can chafe.

Photo shots of Mt. Kailash treks

Jump shots by one of our Mt. Kailash tours, with guide. Taking photos is a big part of the trip, and having fun is another. Combine the two, and you have some crazy, wacky shots to take home.

 Mount Kailash tourJump shot during Kailash trek

 Mount Kailash tourAnother posture of jump shot

Trekking around the kora of Mt. Kailash can be arduous and strenuous, especially in the seasons when there is snow on the ground, which is most of them.

 Mount Kailash tourTrekking on snow-capped Mt. Kailash

Everywhere you go in Tibet you will find prayer flags, even in the areas you would think few people would come. Around the holy kora of Mt. Kailash, there are plenty of flags strung up, especially in the Dolma La Pass.

 Mount Kailash tourStopping by to take photo with prayer flags while trekking

While the trekking can be hard work, it can be even harder with inclement weather. Luckily, our guides are very experienced in taking tours in these regions of Tibet, and know the areas like the back of their hands.

 Mount Kailash tourStill happy and energetic though trekking in inclement weather

This means that, even in less-than-perfect conditions, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life, and be able to stop for those ever-present selfie moments.

 Mount Kailash tourEnjoying the selfie moment during trekking

Things to know before you go

Accommodation in the area is very limited, with no hotels to provide warm beds and hot running water. Normally, only basic dorm beds are available, or tents with sleeping bags, so prepare to rough it. The few small inns and guesthouses may also have no electrical connection due to their remote locations.

 Mount Kailash tourTents for accommodation on Mt. Kailash

Drinking water is normally served warm, at around 70-80 degrees centigrade, and is readily available almost anywhere. Food, however, is in scarce supply in the area, as most foods are shipped in from Shigatse, Lhasa, and the east of the region. This pushes the prices up, making things more expensive. A coffee and cake or bread for breakfast can be as much as 1.50USD, while a simple meal can cost over 8-10 dollars. Our guides normally buy basics like bread, coffee, and powdered milk from the bigger cities before you leave.

 Mount Kailash tourEnough food and drinking water provided for our clients

Travel in Tibet is highly restricted, and no foreign tourists are allowed to travel without a local guide. Moreover, there are a number of permits that are required for travel into and around Tibet. To get to Mt. Kailash, you need four separate permits:

Chinese Visa. You can apply for this at a Chinese Embassy in your country.
Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (TTB). You cannot enter Tibet without this permit.
Alien Travel Permit (PSB). This permit is required to enter restricted areas in Tibet.
Military Permit. This permit is required if you are travelling to military sensitive areas within Tibet.

With the exception of your Chinese Visa, all of the permits are arranged by us, and with over 3,000 tourists that travelled to Mt. Kailash alone last year, we have become the largest tour operator for Tibet.

>> TibetVista is already here to help you get all kinds of Tibet Travel Permits

Videos from Mt. Kailash

Our clients film two pilgrims on their journey around Mt. Kailash, prostrating themselves in reverence every few meters.

Video about prostrating in Kailash Kora

A selfie-cam view of the trek around the mountain, showing the amazingly spectacular landscape of the area around Mt. Kailash.

Video about Kailash trekking

Itinerary of our most popular Mt. Kailash tour

This 17-day tour covers the capital of Tibet, Lhasa, with its spectacular monasteries and temples, Everest Base Camp, a must for anyone visiting Tibet, and the trek around the holy Mt. Kailash with a visit to holy Lake Manasarovar.

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa
Day 2 Lhasa Day Tour - Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery
Day 3 Lhasa Day Tour - Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street
Day 4 Lhasa (3650m) to Shigatse (3900m,6hrs), via Yamdrok-tso, Karola Glacier, and Pelkor Monastery
Day 5 Shigatse-Sakya-Old Tingri, including Pelkor Monastery visit
Day 6 Tingri-Rongbuk Monastery, with views of the far Himalayan Mountains and a tour of Rongbuk Monastery
Day 7 Everest Base Camp and on to Saga
Day 8 Saga to Darchen
Day 9 Kailash Trek Day One - Darchen to Drirapuk (6.5 hrs, 20km)
Day 10 Kailash Trek day two - Drirapuk to Dzultripuk (18km, 7-8hours)
Day 11 Kailash Trek day three- Dzultripuk to Darchen
Day 12 Tour of Guge Kingdom
Day 13 Guge Kingdom- Manasarovar Lake
Day 14 Manasarovar Lake to Saga
Day 15 Saga to Shigatse
Day 16 Shigatse to Lhasa
Day 17 Lhasa departure

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