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Everest Base Camp Travel Review of the 6th Group in August 2016

Latest Update: September,25 2018


everest in tibet

To many, Tibet is a sacred spiritual realm, shrouded in mysterious Buddhist mist. And arguably, two of the most outstanding features of Tibet tour are its strong Tibetan Buddhism ambience and awe-inspiring Himalayan scenery, esp. the world's summit, Mt. Everest, on Tibet's side. 8-day Lhasa to Everest tour allows tourists to cover virtually all the highlighted attractions of Tibet tour and give you a full picture of Tibet and Tibetans' true life.

Enter White Palace of Potala Palace via Eastern Courtyard


palace lhasa tibet

Potala Palace is one of the must-visit attractions in Lhasa city. The iconic building was built on the Red Hill in Lhasa, with an altitude of around 3700m. The religious compound consists of Red and White Palace, where tombs of successive Dalai Lama and countless cultural relics, etc. can be found. Tourists need to climb up to 1000 steps to reach the top where you will be rewarded with superb view of Lhasa city.

Listen to the Introduction of the History of Jokang Temple

jokhang temple tibet

Undoubtedly, Jokhang Temple is the center of pilgrimage and fervent Buddhist worship. You literally get swept away by the throngs of worshippers in this most holy of holy places in Tibet. You will be stirred by the devout as they worship, prostrate themselves, make offerings of yak butter and prayer scarves as they spin prayer wheels and burn incense inside Jokhang Temple.

Climb to the Rooftop of Jokhang Temple

jokhang temple tibet

Never miss the chance to climb to the rooftop of Jokhang Temple to enjoy the view of Barkhor Street and vista of Potala Palace.

Enjoy the Lunch in the Restaurant in Lhasa City

a restaurant in lhasa city tibet

Tibetan food is extremely tasty and nutritious. Due to the influence of neighboring countries Nepal and India, tourists can easily get used to the flavor of Tibetan cuisines and western dishes are also ready available in Lhasa. Why not try tasting the famous Tibetan yak, mutton, momo, etc while drinking unique Lhasa beer.

Tour Drepung Monastery, One of the “Great Three” Gelugpa Monasteries in Lhasa

drepung monastery tibet

It is one of the most reputed centres for learning, contemplating and practicing Tibetan Buddhist thoughts and science. Drepung Monastery is magnificent from afar and its grand white building structure gives the appearance of a heap of rice hence given the name 'Drepung' which means 'Collecting Rice' in Tibetan. There is a long stairs leading to Thangka Buddha unfolding (esp. for Shoton Festival) platform. So you will need to do a bit of walking. Drepung Monastery is so lovely, serene and definitely worth a visit if you are in Lhasa.

Photograph Potala Palace at Sunset on Chakpori Hill


hill on potala palace tibet

Chakpori Hill is one of the best places to photograph the panorama of Potala Palace in Lhasa City. You will find dozens of photographers waiting for the best shot of Potala Palace esp. at sunset.

The Staff Gives a Briefing Before Day Tour Begins

lhasa hotel tibet

Tibet Vista's Guide and relevant staff will remind tourists what to take and to expect for next tour. Meanwhile, drivers will check and double check the safety of the tour vehicle.

Visit Local Tibetans' House and Learn More of their Daily Life

local tibetans' house tibet

It's one of Tibet Vista's objectives to give our clients more opportunities to communicate personally with local Tibetans and have the authentic experience of what the life is like in Tibet.

Enjoy the imposing panorama of Palcho Monastery in historic Gyantse County


county tibet

Palcho Monastery and Gyantse Kumbum and Dezong fortress are iconic attractions in Gyantse County. The historic city is a great place to stop by before heading towards Shigatse.

Happen to Join Local Tibetans to pray for Nature on Tibetan Calendar

tibetan calendar tibet

“So excited to take pictures with well-dressed Tibetan women.”

Hospitable Local Tibetans Invite Our Client for a Toast

locl tibettans tibet

The alcohol they drink is called “Chang”, or Tibetan Rice Beer,made of barley,rice and millet.

Tour Tashilhunpo Monastery, the Most Prestigious Gelugpa Monastery in Shigatse

tashilhunpo monastery tibet

Tashilhunpo Monastery is a historic and culturally important monastery in Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet. The monastery is the traditional seat of successive Panchen Lamas and is also one of the six big monasteries of Gelugpa (or Yellow Hat Sect) in Tibet. The highlight of touring would be the gilt statue of Future Buddha, which measures 22.4 meters high, and is taken as the biggest statue in the world.

Pass the Landmark of Scenic 318 National Highway at 5000Km

Trek at Mount Everest

Ascend to Tsola Pass , Shigatse to enjoy the stunning view there

tsola pass

Colorful prayer flags are pretty common to see esp. on the different mountain passes in Tibet. Tibetans believe that the Buddhist mantra written on the prayer flags will be repeatedly chanted by wind and good wishes will also be spread to infinite space.

Successfully Reach the Landmark of Mt. Everest Base Camp (5200m)

mt. qomolangma base camp tibet

Compared with the scenery of Mt. Everest in the EBC on Nepal's side, EBC in Tibet promises grander panorama of the summit of Mt. Everest without obstruction of view by other neighboring mountains like in Nepal.

Snap Shots and Wander around at EBC


at EBC tibet

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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