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A New Tibet Tour Record: Yay! An 11-Year-Old Swiss Boy Made it to Mt.Kailash!

Latest Update: June,20 2023

Right, you may have read about the stories about our youngest guest who made it to EBC with us, or the oldest who made to Kailash. Now, a new Tibet tour record was set by our eleven-year-old client--Flurian Joan, our youngest client for Mt.Kailash kora. What does it feel like for a young boy to trek the Kailash yatra? Let's have a look!

Actually, the parents are living and working in Shanghai now. They have for long heard of their friends, both Chinese and foreigner, recommending them “Go to Tibet. It’s amazing!”. And, finally, here they are!

As a local Tibet travel agency since 1984, we have had tons of tours with kids and elderly people, the youngest being a 10-months baby to a 3-year-old kid and the oldest being an 84-year-old who made to EBC and an 82-year-old to Mt.Kailash. Thus we know exactly what itineraries are best for either kids or elderly people on the Roof of the World and what to pay close attention to.

Since they are just three people, we put them together with others sharing the same itinerary. This is a good way to bring down the cost and also a good chance to make new friends and share viewpoints about travel in Tibet. But, we would always ask for our guests’ opinion first anyway, coz some guests do want more privacy and a trip of their own. Anyway, we have set packages but can tailor-make your own trip.

A photo in front of Potala PalaceA photo in front of Potala Palace

Like for all tourists, at the beginning of every Tibet tour, we would spend the first few days in and around Lhasa to get acclimatized. This is especially important for young children since they might not express themselves timely and clearly. Also, they took this time to see some sacred sites in Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery, etc.

A photo in front of Jokhang TempleA photo in front of Jokhang Temple

During these few days of acclimatization and sightseeing in Lhasa, our guide Pasang kept an eye on the 11-year-old closely. He first got to know the boy’s general physical situation from his parents, then observed and confirmed with the boy about how he felt all along the way, in case of altitude sickness. Actually, Pasang himself is a happy dad himself and has a 4-year-old daughter. That is partly why we chose him to guide this tour.

Luckily, the kid was doing perfect and enjoying himself a lot.

When we set out of Lhasa and head for Yamdrok Lake, the boy was confronted with the first challenge out of Lhasa - the Gangbala Pass at 4800m. Before driving through the pass, Pasang took the boy to a clinic and tested his oxygen and heartbeat – everything was perfect! But to ensure, Pasang still gave some special advice to the kids like don’t jump or run, drink plenty of water and wear clothes like onion, etc. The 11-year-old, again, did great following Pasang’s advice, and enjoyed the panoramic view of Yamdrok Lake.

After that, he has shown good adaption to the altitude for the whole journey to EBC, including the 5200-meter-high Gawula Pass right before reaching Everest Base Camp.



When we arrive in Saga, Pasang took the boy to test the oxygen in his blood and heartbeat for the second time. You guessed it - no problem! Then, finally, we were in Ngari and moving towards Mt.Kailash. This is the final “test” for the boy. Ngari is hailed as the “roof of the roof of the world” for a good reason: the average altitude here is 4500m. In contrast, Lhasa is just 3656m high. However, with Pasang’s professionalism, everything was taken good care of: Pasang has worked as a tour guide for more than 20 years and has led as many as 40 our Kailash kora tours and started our first Kailash tour as soon as Kailash was available in mid-April.

Pasang and his guests in KailashPasang and his guests in Kailash

Right before we started the trek, we went together to Jiwu Temple near the holy Lake Manasarovar for a short hike. We stopped here to use this a small test hiking to get used to the altitude here and, second, to take some nice photos - this is one of the best points to have a panoramic view of sacred Mt.Kailash and Lake Manasarovar!

A panaromic view of Lake Manasarovar from Jiwu TempleA panaromic view of Lake Manasarovar from Jiwu Temple

The kid amazed the other members by his amazing physical situation: all the way here, he has no reaction to the altitude at all. The parents told us that in Switzerland they have a lot of mountains and snow mountains so they took him to trek a lot as well. No wonder!

Group hiking near Lake ManasarovarThe group hiking at Jiwu Temple near holy Lake Manasarovar

Finally, we arrived at Darchen, a small town at the foot of Mt.Kailash where we started our trekking. We arrived early afternoon and stayed overnight to have a good sleep before the trek.

The weather the next morning was not perfect but the kid and the group members were thrilled! We also hired a local Tibetan to carry all the oxygen and stuff, to maintain everything will be okay in case of altitude sickness occurs.

Photo of the groupPhoto of the group

The first trekking day is a 13km-trek from Dachen to Dirapuk Monastery. It seems not much but since it’s our first day of trekking, we arranged like this for our guests to not exert themselves. Pasang paid close attention to the kids and he seemed to have enjoyed the trek and views along the way.

The second day of the trek could be a bit tough since we would pass through the highest point of the whole Kailash trek - Dolma La Pass at 5630m. It is even fairly treacherous for adults if the weather is not favourable.

 Hiking toward the Dolma-la Pass The boy and his mother walking toward the Dolma-la Pass

 Enjoying views The family stopped for the snowy mountain views of Mt.Kailash

 Enjoying views

 Group stopped for views The groups stopped to enjoy the gorgeous views

 Drink plenty of water Follow Pasang’s advice: drink plenty of water!

 Drink plenty of water

 The young boy hiking in the snow The young boy hiking in the snow

 The young boy hiking in the snow

 The young boy hiking in the snow

 The young boy hiking in the snow

 The young boy hiking in the snow

 The young boy hiking in the snow

 The young boy hiking in the snow

What was it like for the boy then? Look at the selfie of him and our guide Pasang., and the answer is obvious – no problem!

 The young boy hiking in the snow

A group photo with Kailsh the backgroundA group photo with Kailsh the background

Before and after the passing the pass, we had some teahouses to replenish a bit. We will stay overnight at Dzultripuk Monastery, a cosy place with more food choices.

Eating in a teahouseEating in a teahouse

The third day was still rewarding since we saw some beautiful glaciers along the way. We trekked 14km from Dzultripuk Monastery to where we started our trek.

The young boy hiking in the snow

The young boy hiking in the snow

Kailashi Kora, done!Kailashi Kora, done!

Hot spring near ManasarovarHot spring near Manasarovar

The parents and the kid then went to Gyirong border via Saga and headed for Kathmandu. Our guides on the Nepal side picked them up and sent them to their Kathmandu hotel. Everything was just smooth and guaranteed. Hope you have a good time in Kathmandu and welcome back to Tibet again! Bon voyage!

 The boy having food happily The boy having food in a restaurant in Gyirong Town

 A waterfall in Gyirong Enjoying a waterfall in Gyirong

 Heading for Kathmandu Got picked up at Gyirong border and driving toward Kathmandu

Feel itchy for a family visit in Tibet? Just feel free to email your inquiry to us and get our professional consultation for free. Our friendly travel consultants will offer you many travel advice and help you plan a perfect Tibet journey for you based on your needs.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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