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What Is It Like to Enjoy Mt.Kailash Kora in a Tibet Tour in April?

Latest Update: November,22 2019

April having milder weather but still being a bit cold, many people have consulted us what are the best places to tour Tibet. Actually, all of Tibet is available starting around this time. For those who can’t wait to enjoy the Mt.Kailash kora, April, the beginning of Tibet tour each year, will make your dream come true.

Our guide Pasang and we members at Mt.KailashOur guide Pasang and our clients at Mt.Kailash

Heading for Mt.Kailash from Lhasa via Everest Base Camp

For the first few days, we explored Lhasa and places around it - the hustle and bustle of downtown Lhasa around Barkhor Street and Potala Palace, the amazing architecture in Drepung Monastery and the exotic but interesting monk debate in Sera monasteries.

Then we headed for Everest Base Camp (5,200m), driving through the sacred Yamdrok Lake, the Pelkor Monastery, which is the only one in Tibet that has three sects in one monastery and Tashilunpo Monastery, the home of Panchen Lama, which remained mostly undamaged all through these years.

Before arriving in Everest Base Camp, the driver stopped at Gawula Pass(5,198m) for us to capture a gorgeous panoramic view of the Himalayan mountains.

Everest was totally astonishing, right? But it’s not our final destination. After enjoying the other-worldly beauty of Everest at sunset and sunrise, we moved towards Mt.Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

On the way, our breaths were taken away by the mighty Mt.Shishapangma, the tallest mountain wholly inside Tibet that is above 8,000 m. Most amazingly, there was even a golden desert along the road! A desert on such high altitude! We couldn’t believe our eyes when it appeared in front of us and our kind driver stopped the car for us to enjoy!

What’s more amazing is, according to our friendly and professional guide, when the weather becomes even warmer, there will be a more picturesque scene - green grassland, blue lake, snowy peaks, golden desert... we definitely need to come again!

On the way to Mt.KailashThe golden desert from Drongpa to Paryang on the way to Mt.Kailash

If the luck is on you, like us, you will also see some wild animals on the way, like Kiang (Tibetan wild donkeys), etc. - Check here if you are interested in some photography tours in the winter time.

The Tibetan wild donkeys and vultures on the wayThe Tibetan wild donkeys and vultures on the way

Views around the Mt.Kailash Kora

Alright, what on earth did we experience in the Kora of Mt.Kailash in April? Just check it below.

Although it’s not the colorful time of the desert, Tibet daytime at this time of year still sees a lot of sunshine and really warm weather, when the cold winter time has just passed but monsoon season has not yet set in. And so does Ngari, the west of Tibet where Mt.Kailash is located, although the altitude of the whole kora is above 4,600m.

And, because of the weather, we were able to see both amazingly clear blue sky and snowy views along the way.

The clear blue sky together with the snowy views was totally amazingThe clear blue sky together with the snowy views was totally amazing

Share food with our new friendsShare food with our new friends!

On the second day of the adventure, we trekked over Dolma La pass (5,630m), the highest point of the kora. Dolma La is the Tibetan name of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva residing at Mount Kailash. It was definitely the most difficult day because of the long distance and steep ascent which can make the pass fairly treacherous if the weather is not favorable.

It is said that one can cross only if Goddess Parvati bestows grace on you. Lucky as we were, we crossed the pass with no hindrance at all. However, it is suggested not to linger around for too long at this so we only spent a few minutes at the top of the pass before walking down.

Snow can be encountered at a moment's noticeSnow can be encountered at a moment’s notice

Although this is certainly the hardest day of the 3-day trek, excellent mountain and glacier views followed us for most of the day.

The stunning views on Mt.KailashIt’s the hardest, but the views on Mt.Kailash are very rewarding

To make the trek easier, some teahouses before and after the pass will enable you to enjoy some hot tea, simple food like instant noodles, or just rest a bit. But we suggest you give it a one-go to Zutul Puk Monastery teahouse which was much cozier and has really hot food (and not just instant noodles).

Also, on the way, there are lots of Tibetans prostrating in the kora path. We even hung our own prayer flags and send our best wishes to our family and friends!

Hanging prayer flags at Dolma La passHanging prayer flags at Dolma La pass (5,630m)

It is a really wonderful journey that integrates the spiritual, cultural and physical dimensions of Tibet. - Check here to find more about the epic 15 Days Kailash and Manasarovar Small Group Tour.

What to Pack for Mt.Kailashi Kora

Ok, the views are good, but what should I pack for the kora in April? Do I need special permits and if so how to apply for them? Is it going to be very cold at some point or when weather changes?

First of all, don’t worry about the permits. The Tibet Travel Permit and other permits needed for Mt.Kailash tour like the Alien Travel Permit will be taken care of by Tibet Vista. You just sit back and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

For clothes, prepare both warm clothes and summer clothes like T-shirt and wear like an onion, i.e. multi-layers. And always be prepared to take off or add more clothes since the air is thin, wind can be harsh and it can snow with no notice. A pair of good hiking boots will keep your feet warm and away from water and injury. - Check here for a complete packing list for traveling Tibet.

When it comes to food, it is very basic here. So try to prepare enough snacks and high-calorie food for one day’s ratio, like Snicker bars and chocolate and fruits, in advance when in cities and towns like Shigatse and Saga since the accommodation and food at the tents, monastery and small guesthouses we stayed overnight were quite basic and simple, like instant noodles, stir-fried rice, Tsampa and yak butter tea.

Eating at the monastery teahouseEating at the monastery teahouse

Also bring with you a thermos. Nothing would be more soothing than some warm water and nice food after a one-hour or so hiking.

Bring one day amount of snacks is enoughBring one day amount of snacks is enough

Like mentioned earlier, Tibet is readily available for you to enjoy starting from now, so check here for other trekking tours as well as small group tours in Tibet and get going!

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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