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Daddy, Please Take Me to See the Highest Mountain in the World

Latest Update: June,10 2023

 Tibet Tour of a Swiss Family Tibet Tour of a Swiss Family

“Daddy, which mountain is the highest in the world?“a four-year-old boy called Pablo asked.
The father answered “Mt. Everest."
"Could you take me to climb it?”
"Oh, no, buddy, it's not a good time to do it now, but I can take you and your brother to see it."
"Really? Thank you, Dad, I love you...."

When 6-year-old Pablo, from Switzerland, asked his father to take them to Mt. Everest, the family decided they should all come, so they booked their trip with us. On June 5, 2017, the family traveled to Tibet, to meet our tour guide Keldor, who would be showing them around and guiding them during their trip to the world’s highest mountain.

A Family Tour to Tibet

 Mt. Everest Base Camp At Everest Base Camp with their two boys, aged four and six.

One of Keldor’s questions was whether the parents were worried about altitude sickness for the boys. "Yeah, a little bit, but they used to adapt themselves to different environments very well, I believe they can handle this too," their father said.

 Guide Photo with our tour guide –Keldor

With our tour guide Keldor at EBC, they coped with the high altitude better than most, and had a great time seeing the world’s highest mountain.

 Gawu La Pass Enjoy spectacular Himalayan range at Gawu La Pass

At Gawu La pass, 5,198 meters above sea level, the boys and their parents saw the thousands of prayer flags hung by both tourists and locals.

The Kids Adapted Well

The two kids are very fit, and adapted well to the higher altitudes, without any feeling of illness. As a professional tour operator in Tibet, we take the well-being of our clients very seriously, and Keldor was in constant contact with our office so that we could monitor the situation.Keldor sent regular feedback about the boys’ health, and they coped better than many adults with the high altitude.

Potala Palace View of Potala Palace from Johkang Temple

In Lhasa, at Jokhang Temple, the family had a clear view of the Potala Palace at Moburi. Jokhang is one of the most revered temples in Tibet, and is the center of spiritualism in Tibet. Built in 647AD, it has a constant flow of pilgrims, night and day, who come to prostrate themselves in front of the temple.

 Shooting picture Keldor is teaching the kids how to take great photos from the roof of Jokhang Temple.

Family Bonding Time

When Keldor asked the parents why take them on a tour in such a high climate, the mother replied that there were several reasons. The main one was the chance for family bonding time together. Traveling bands people and families, and they learn more things together than apart.

Watching Sagadawa Ritual in Johkang Temple

The Saga Dawa Festival is one of the most important annual festivals in Tibet, as the celebration of the day that Buddha Sakyamuni was born. Tibetan Buddhists celebrate with ritual walks around holy sites, monasteries, and temples.

>> Read more details about Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet

Learning New Cultures and Languages

The second reason is that the kids will learn more new things when traveling that they would not learn in school, like languages, new cultures, the history of the monasteries, and lots more. And for her, the biggest thing is the memories. She loves to take photos wherever they go, so she can look back in years to come and remember everything. “Making memories with our kids is so special,” she says. Things can be forgotten over time, but the photos will always be able to bring those memories back, so they can relive their adventures.

 Attraction for localsTwo small boys were big attractions to Tibetan locals and they met new people wherever they went.

 Local shop title= Shop colorful beads and charms at local Tibetan shop

The markets and shops sell all kinds of things, including locally made beads for necklaces, bracelets, and holy charms. And the colors are a big attraction to a small boy…

Watching pilgrims prostrating to accumulate good merit

In Tibetan Buddhism, pilgrims walk the holy kora or prostrate themselves in front of temples and at certain religious sites, to accumulate good merits on their road to enlightenment. The more koras and prostrations, the more merits they get.

 Two happy families Two happy families from different places

The family met with another, local family, with kids of their own around the same ages as the boys. The difference in cultures is plain to see, but both are happy, contented families, despite the different homes and cultures.

 Photo with locals Photo with local Tibetan old lady

Getting into the swing of things with the locals, and learning how they spend their days, helps to understand a new culture. The family got out and saw plenty of locals during their trip. Tibetans were happy to have their photos taken with the boys. Kids this young from the western world are rarely seen in the high plateau altitudes of Tibet.

 Karola Glacier Photo in front of Karola Glacier Stupa

Karola Glacier is one of the most beautiful sights in Tibet, with its pristine whiteness. Just two hour’s drive from Lake Yamdrok, the spectacular glacier, though not big, can be seen clearly from the road. There is not a tourist stop at the glacier, just a roadside pull-in, but it is well worth stopping for.

  Spin the prayer wheel Learning to spin the prayer wheels

Prayer wheels are found throughout Tibet, and are metal, wood, stone, or leather cylinders with a wooden core, that represents the Life Tree. The Life Tree is wrapped in thousands of mantras, and when spun – only in a clockwise direction – they have the same meritorious effect as reciting the written prayers orally.

 Tashilunpu Monastery Taking photos at Tashilunpu Monastery

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, in Shigatse, is an important national cultural relic protection site, and is the largest monastery in the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a beautiful sight to see, and is one of the four main monasteries of Tibet.

 Jiacuola Pass Jiacuola Pass

Standing next to the altitude marker, at Jiacuola Pass, 5,248 meters above sea level. This open, desert-like area looks very little like a mountain pass.

 Prayer flags Prayer flags looks to be something that the kids really enjoyed on their amazing trip to Tibet.

Kids often Travel with Tibet Vista

Here at Tibet Vista, we have seen many families in the past, and some with kids as young as these boys. While some kids do suffer from altitude sickness a little, many of them are fit and active the whole time. Like the father said, kids can adapt themselves well to different situations and environments. If your child does start to suffer a little from the altitude, distract them and give them a little rest and oxygen, and normally they will quickly recover.

 Barkhor Street The family are tasting ice creams while resting during their Tibet travel tour.

Video about Everest Base Camp Tour with kids

Tips for Traveling with Small Kids:

· Have a complete medical check-up before traveling to Tibet, and let your doctor know where it is that you are heading, so they can advise better on medications and what to do to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

· Try not to let the smaller kids run and jump around too much. Kids can be fidgety, especially when bored, and the over-exertion can bring on the first symptoms of altitude sickness. Toys can help to quiet them if they get bored and high-energy snacks are good to help stave off the symptoms of altitude sickness.

· Avoid showers for the first few days in Tibet to avoid getting a cold in the cold, elevated climate.

· Tibet’s higher elevation means that the sun’s harmful rays are stronger. A good, high level sun cream should be used for children whenever they are going out, and a hat is helpful to keep the sun off their heads.

Video about the tips of Tibet Tour with kids

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