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Guaranteed Tibet Permit for 2016 & 2017

Benefiting from the favorable policy, Tibet Vista can guarantee you a Tibet Permit. In the past years, we've organized over 50,000 individual travelers and more than 1,000 tour groups with assured permits to Tibet, even during the very difficult period of time in early 2012. Now, we're taking reservations for 2016 and 2017 Tibet tours. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning a trip to Tibet. Click the best of Tibet tours here.

Tibet Visa for Indian Passport

April,13 2016 BY Catherine Go 0 COMMENTS

Given the special historical and religious background between China and India, there are 2 types of Indians traveling to Tibet. Besides ordinary Indian tourists, a great number of pilgrims flood to tour Mt. Kailash from April to October every year. Tibetans consider them as a a special kind of tourists.

How to Get Tibet Visa (Tibet Travel Permit)for Indian Citizens?

If you are an Indian citizen with an Indian passport and plan to travel to Tibet from Mainland China, like most tourists do,you have to get Chinese Visa first before entering China and then apply for Tibet Travel Permit through a reliable travel agency like Tibet Vista.

How to Get Tibet Visa for Indian Nationals from Nepal?

If you are an Indian citizen with an Indian passport and is about to enter Tibet from Nepal, you need to email the scanned copy of your passport to a Chinese travel agency in advance for the application of Tibet Travel Permit and Letter of Invitation. After the travel agency gets the 2 documents, it can get Tibet Visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.

Mount Kailash Tour

How to Get Tibet Visa for Indian Pilgrims ?

An Indian pilgrim usually refers to an Indian traveler who holds an Indian passport and visits Ali prefecture in TAR (Tibetan Autonomous Region). If you are an American Indian with a U.S. passport, you won’t be regarded as a pilgrim, even if you go to Mt. Kailash for pilgrimage. In reality, however, as long as Indian travelers who want to travel to Mt.Kailash for pilgrimage or go via Ali prefecture, even not for religious purposes, they will be treated as pilgrims.

The Tibet Travel Permit for pilgrims needs to be verified and issued jointly by the Foreign Affairs Office of TAR, Tibet Military Region, Armed Police Tibet Frontier Corps and the Department of Public Security of TAR.Only two organizations can authorize Indian pilgrimage tour in Tibet. One is Foreign Affairs Office of TAR (governmental); the other is Pilgrim Center (non-governmental), short for Tibet-India pilgrim Reception Center, located in Tuanjie New Village of Lhasa. Other organizations and travel gencies are not allowed to receive pilgrims.

As the official agent of Pilgrim Center, Tibet Vista is authorized to provide tour-consulting service for Pilgrims. Nevertheless, only the 2 organizations mentioned above can arrange practical Indian pilgrimage tour service (accommodation, transportation, itinerary, guide, yaks, etc.) for Indians travelling to Tibet.

How to Travel to Tibet for Indian Citizens?

Before the catastrophic Nepal Earthquake in May,2015,most pilgrims enter Tibet overland from Zhangmu Border (also called “Kodari border” in Nepal).However, the earthquake made the access from Zhangmu Border to Tibet virtually inaccessible.Now,a major way to have Tibet tour from India is fly to Tibet from Nepal and tour Tibet or you can fly to Beijing, and tour the Beijing and later take Beijing-Lhasa train to Tibet.

About the Cost of Indian Pilgrimage Tour in Tibet

Owing to the monopoly situation of Pilgrim Center, the cost of a pilgrimage tour is much higher than that of other ordinary Tibet tour. However, Indian tourists do not need to pay such high cost, because they have a wide range of choices of travel agencies.Please contact Tibet Vista's travel consultatnts for a customized Tibet Tour for Indians.

Recommended Indian Pilgrimage Tour Packages in Tibet

For the majority of Indian pilgrims, doing Mt.Kailash kora and circling around Lake Manasarovar would be the ultimate experience in Tibet.To that end, the following 3 Indian Pilgrimage Tours are especially recommended to Indian pilgrims and ordinary Indian citizens.

Catherine Go

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Catherine is the director of Tibet Vista Tour

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