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How to Pay

Tibettravel.Org usually charges 20-50% of local tour fee as dep osit. If your tour package includes train tickets or air tickets, you are kindly required to pay 100% of train fare or air fare addtionally. As regards to the r est of your tour fee, you can pay one month before your tour starts or pay in Lh asa or in Chengdu.

Available Payment Methods: 

By Wire Transfer

Banking commission 25USD per d eal on China side should be surcharge when you pay.

Payment information of our CITS Sichuan:

Beneficiary: Sichuan Overseas Tourist Corporation
Bank Account Number: 129307893243
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ570
Bank Name: Bank of China Renminnanlu Sub-Branch
Address of ba nk: No.65 Section 2 Renminnan Road, Chengdu, the People’s Republi c of China
Phone Number of our bank: +86-28-86136082

By Credit Car d   

4% banking commission(our comp any only accepts Visa and Master Card)
Please email, call or fax us with c redit card information as follows:

Type of Credit Card
Cardholder Name
Card Number
CVV2 Number on back of credit card
Expiry Date(m/y)
Transaction Amount

We also need the both side cop y of your credit card and a Payment authorization paper with your signature, ple ase download the paper at http://www.tibettr avel.org/payment/authorization.doc and fax or scan these two document to us.

By Paypal

4% banking commission< /strong>

We support online secure payme nt provided by Paypal (Details of Paypal Security center).
Using paypal secure online payment as following:

Option 1. You can log in your Paypal account and pay to our Paypal account at (travel@vip.163 .com)
Option 2. We can send you a payment request from ou r Paypal account (travel@vip.163.com), when you get that request, you can easily log in your Paypal account to make payment.


Please find the Western Union Agent location nearby, fill in the money order.

- Mail to the Country: China
- City: Chengdu

Payee's Name:
Given Name: MIN
Family Name:&n bsp;JING

ID card number of paye e: 51130219800118112X
Telephone number of payee: 86-85558661

- Send the money transfer form scan or fax the Transfer Control Number to us.
Usually it only takes about 15 minutes to receive the money after you transfer it. After we get it will sen d you email back confirm it soon. 

Pay through Local Ch inese Bank

If you are in China, please pa y to RMB Bank account of CITS, Information you fill out must be in Chinese, plea se show this to the bank, let the back person help you to fill out the form

户名:四川省 中国国际旅行社有限责任公司

账号:5105018 6543600000041

开户行:中国 建设银行股份有限公司成都桐梓林支行

- Please fax or email us the bank voucher
- All local and overseas charges b orne by payer