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Application for Kailash Travel Permit Will Be Suspended from Oct 1, 2014

July,20 2018 BY Chloe Xin 0 COMMENTS

From Oct 1, 2014, the application for Tibet Permit to Mt. Kailash region of Ngari prefecture will be suspended. The local authority of Tibet Autonomous Region recently has issued a statement that given the worsening weather and traffic safety concerns, Tourists from abroad and Taiwan will be forbidden to travel in Ngari region. This particular provision has long been considered as a tradition to ensure the safety of travel, i.e. No Travel in Ngari region as the arrival of October.

From October onwards, Tibet enters the winter season. Yet, Ngari region and other high prefectures with high elevation experience the cold a bit earlier than other areas of Tibet. Thus, there are a number of hidden hazards when travelling in Ngari region. 

a. With an altitude of around 4700-6300m, Ngari region features unstable and varied weather pattern. The traffic condition in this remote area is short of due maintenance and the heavy snowfall together with icy mountain road will drastically increase the possibility of accidents.

b. The remoteness of Ngari region would prevent the timely rescue efforts if an accident took place.

c. If foreign tourists enter Ngari region in winter and try to circuit the Mt. Kailash, the safety and accommodation for tourists can’t be guaranteed as temporary service facilities like canteens and hostels will be gradually removed. 

Best time to travel in Mt. Kailash Region

The golden season to travel to Mt. Kailash region starts from May to September each year. Saga Dawa Festival( April, 15 on Tibetan calender) often is held from May to June on solar calendar. The annual celebration of Saga Dawa Festival involves many grand activities in Mt. Kailash. Thousands of Tibetan and Indian pilgrims will make a pilgrimage to the sacred mountain. The spectacular celebration is something that tourists can’t afford to miss. Starting from July to September, the weather turns to become warmer and the visibility becomes better on the road. It is the best time to have a photographic tour as wildlife becomes growingly active. 


Each year Tibet Vista organizes a Join-in Small Group Tour to Mount Kailash on a monthly basis from June to September. Compared with pricey Private Tour, Join-in Small Group Tour allows tourists to have a 15-day tour in Mt. Kailash and it sacred lakes at a reasonable price. 

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