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The Swiss Family's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

"Things are going very well, yeah, very very happy. And so far, everything went smooth. Also with the altitude, there was no issue."

"Good, good, yeah, everything went very well, pickup, driver, hotels, and accommodation. Everything was very very good. Yes, very flexible, also with the kids. So we can travel with two small kids, and they are very open and flexible. So always adapt to our daily necessities."

"Ride the train"

"It has always been kind of dream for us, coming to Tibet. And then…We love to travel with family. We always take the kids everywhere. Only thing is that they can adapt easily so they are stronger than we thought."

"We had our concerns, yes. We were also reading a little bit. We talk also you know to the doctor, and he say with proper preparation, there shouldn’t be any issue."

"Diego, how old are you?-- Five"

"Pablo, how old are you?-- Three "

"Well, I think first of all, is, don’t be afraid. It’s all manageable….and with proper preparation, I think. We would have helps here, and all the people are very helpful. I just say, take it easy, and drink hot water. So it is totally possible to come with the kids. It’s not really a problem. I don’t…"

"Nothing. You know, we were on the train; we came by the train, for the first 5000m. And we were all very well and then we took it just easy as recommended by you guys, you know, the first day, not going out around too much. Drinking a lot of water, a lot of hot water, don’t drink alcohol, sleep well, and take it easy. And it’s not unmanageable."

"Yeah, exactly. It looks the first three days how they look."

"You’re welcome."

"Thank you."

- By Urs, Arlent and their two kids