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Martin's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

" Hello, there. I’m Martin, Thanks for the opportunity to give your some feedback. It was my pleasure to be your tourist for one week. Actually, a bit more and… there are a lot of impressions I was able to collect. And definitely, impressed about the beautiful landscape Tibet has to offer, like snow mountains, lots of rivers, even deserts and sand, lakes. There are lots of histories involved in this country. And lot of temples, monasteries, and friendly,and nice people. "

"En, to be honest, the very beginning was really professional Chinese Tibetan travel office in China with Derek, very far, we have every… almost every day contact by E-mail. I said my wish what I would like to do. Derek provided me feedback and at the end we have read on the tour. And… difficulty started in Kathmandu, when I had already issued our differences the visa fees which we were not what we had agreed on. And also surfed the information about cash and so on. And then also about certain activities which were definitely more for … meant for summer like boat trips on the frozen lakes which were not possible. "

- By Martin