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Lesly Tibet Travel Review in 2012, 2014 and 2015

" In April 2012, I went to my dream trip to Tibet using Tibet Vista, which is a company that has choice and random over the internet. As a solo traveler and a woman traveler still young and hot, it really was an amazing experience that gave me the reliability and freedom, the advantage that I wanted for the trip, within a degree of convenience and very comfortable situation. I was so impressed with the way Tibet Vista arranges trip for me and the year since then I have done several another trip, went to western Yunnan including Shangri-La, and most recently of all, to the Tibet areas of western Sichuan, right of the border of the Tibet autonomous region.

During that time, I have been really impressed by the way both of the company and my long term Derek Wong. He has got to know me, has got to know my requirements from the trip and the way he tries to keep this as much as possible, including treks, being vegetarian and so on.

Yes, surely, this company made it a little bit more expensive than others from my own experience looking around, but I think it is totally worthy it for the reliability and peace of mind which they offer, because whenever I go that trips and I know I will be really well cared for. I'm going to be socially safe, and I'm going to say that is exactly what I want to do and exactly what I want. So I think my greatest proof of my loyalty to this company now is the fact that I have yet one more trip planned with them in September, going to western Tibet to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. So it is a great company thoroughly recommended for everyone who wants to be a very happy customer. Thank you! " 

- by Lesly

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