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John Tibet Travel Review in Nov.2015

" Recommendation, lots of people have been asking me. How is it? Well, I have been putting it on facebook. All the pictures. Everybody is like wow~~ It’s amazing. You know. People have come, I think people once see Everest, they would come for the Nepal side. But, everybody knows the difficulty is… en. the difficulty is I went through to get visa to come here. From every single point, even booking an airplane to come through Chinese company if you try to book Tibet, you can not do it unless you start proving to them that you have got a visa sent from a company.

With your company, I dealt with a lady called Polly who couldn’t be more informative. Every question I asked. I got reply within you know half a day. She specified everything I need to do. Yeah, and coming here, as I said it is a daunting task for someone like myself. I don’t speak any Chinese and I don’t speak any Tibetan and I’m coming on my own. So as I said I think I got extremely lucky in me and in you. You have stayed me through the process as well as being.. I can’t imagine anybody more informative on Tibet on the religions and the conflicts. Things like this, you know. En, I think the whole group would agree that you really make us all comfortable. You have listened to us, which lots of time, en guys they do their thing. You know. Whereas you asked us what we wanted to do, what interested us, and you asked any questions we asked. As I said when I go back home people will ask me how they can come here. And I will say there is only one way to come here that is to go through Tibet Company, and also to put a special request for you.

And even down to the driver, sorry I don’t know his name. A lovely guy as I said earlier, when we stayed over Everest Base Camp. I tried to make the beds together, Ah…and I put a few layers on it and tried again in the sleeping bag and he tugged me and he squashed me down. So as I said it’s been an experience of a lifetime and I have travelled I been fortunate enough to travel around the world. And this has been the most amazing trip, you know, and I want to come back again. You know I want to come back again, come with people because as I said Tibet is a great noun. And to come here as I said it’s a daunting task. I could say to people yeah this is what you need to do and this is the place you need to go and this is the person you need to see.

Yeah, thanks." 

- By John

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