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John and Stacey's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

" John: Hello! We’ve just almost completed 19-day tour with Tibet Vista. It has been fantastic. the driver,………, our guide, Khamsang, Laura, from Chengdu, Tibet Vista, was very helpful. Our driver and guide have been fantastic. The sites, the people, the knowledge that they’ve shared with us.It has been phenomenal. We’ve seen things that I never imagine that we would see. The people have been phenomenal. The places that we’ve stayed even have been fantastic.
Stacey: We love the home stay very much. We love the monasteries very much.
John: The…getting to do Mount Kailash. The kora was fantastic. We survived. That has been good. The weather has been phenomenal. But Tibet Vista, I can’t recommend enough. Two thumbs’ up! Good Job! Thanks for what they have done for us, providing us with just excellent, excellent holiday. We thank very much. And I would recommend Tibet Vista anytime to anyone. "

- By John and Stacey