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Carl, Anneli & Joy's Tibet Tour Video Review

Guide: Hello,my friends. Please share nice experiences about the trip in Tibet, you know about tour guide, driver, food, hotel and about my company service.

Carl: Everything 10 out of 10,11 outof 10,excellent,the tour guide is very knowledgeable, Englishgoes very proficient. AnytimeI had aquestion, bestanswer, and took us to all of the best places even the places we did not know we wanted to go.Great service and a great time. The driver was excellent, a race car driver. He was doing. Yeah~ amazing amazing; I had the best time. Zero complaint, amazingexperience. Thank you very much.

Anneli: Thank you very much for the company to have you as our tour guide for us, and I have been to 19 countries. And I am a world traveler and I have been with many manyguides. But, you are one of the best to open mind, openheart, openarms, very generous and very very knowledgeable, and work for everybody. And we like you so dearly. And after we go home and would recommend you to everybody. Thank you very much,you are awesome.

Guide: You wanna say something, Joy?

Joy: I had such a lovely time, and I learned so much about Tibet, you are knowledgeable in Tibet, about the culture, about history and about all the places. Your way of communicating with so many differently languages make it so easy to walk around.

Because it was just, you know you can speak Chinese, you can speak Tibetan, you can speak English, all fluently it made it so easyto negotiate, to buy, to get to every place, to understand what we are seeing, so we really get an in-depth understanding of where we are.

It’s different when you are walking at the place you don’t know what you are seeing. But when you have somebody, it is really giving you an understandinga lot of this places. Then you feel like you are a part of it. And That’s what we got. Thank you so much.

Anneli: Awesome, awesome! Everything was great the hotel… everything.He went over, above and beyond.

Guide:OK, then please talk a little about the hotel and meal in Tibet.

Carl: Every single meal we hadwasincredible, amazing, when I went to other cities of China, the food is ok. ButTibet, all of the things you showed us were wonderful.

Joy:Each meal different, each meal unique, we got to taste so many different types of food, and so many different types of flavors and everything very nature, veryfresh. The people we came to they are very welcoming and very clean. The hotels are very lovely. Everythingwe saw, everything you showed us was above the standard, reallylovely.

Guide: Thank you, thank you very much.

Anneli: Every time you get us to the restaurant, wehad different food from theculture, and it was from local, every single food was different thanothers. And you were all the time with us, and asked what do we need, what do wewant, it was very lovely.

Joy: And from the Ginger tea given to us, so we feel good. And the food was always more than enough.

Carl: And the accommodations too, we have a very specific dietarystyle. Sheeats one thing, andshe eats one thing, I one thing. Overaccommodating, no complaint, no mistakes!

Anneli: And introducing all the food from Tibet, fromNepal, from all over the world,and explainwhich one is good for you, which one is good for your body. Youare very very knowledgeable and you have gone beyond and above, your and all of our our expectation. Never see anybody like you. And additionally, I really love to mention that.

Guide: Thank you, Thank you.

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