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Ben's Tibet Travel Review with Tibet Vista

" For me, I think from landing out the airport, to actually going to the hotel, and doing the whole trip, it's been great. I’m being very very happy. And the guide has been amazing. And we had Tenzin for the guide, and every step, when we go to the monasteries, when we going for food, he knew so much about the country, any question we needed to ask, he had answers at all time. He was able to help us and an amazing guide, very nice person."

"Great, I mean we of course with a journey like this we have to be on the bus, quite a lot. We do a lot of travelling. And if we need to stop, all we have to is to say something to Tenzin, to the guide, when we want to take photos, all we have to do is ask, and they are very very accommodating with this, so excellent again. "

"And for the accommodation, No! I mean I have lived in China, so I think maybe for some foreigners coming in, it might be a shock because of course accommodation can be very different in every country. And but for me, it was fine, maybe with the itinerary, I know a few of us, I think maybe introducing some of the more cultural aspects. And we saw some of the videos with like the traditional dancing, things like this. Seeing monasteries is very good, and of course, coming to Tibet, this is important. But I think maybe we could have a mix, so if you put in a couple of more of the traditional aspects of Tibetan culture, I think people would appreciate it and this a lot. "

- By Ben

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