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Leisure life in Lhasa, Tibetan life style

August,14 2018 BY Chloe Xin 0 COMMENTS

Are you bored of the hustle and bustle of city life, or want to have a breath of natural fresh air, or need a relaxation after working for a long time? Then make a tour to Tibet and enjoy the leisure life in Lhasa with local people, experience the Tibetan life style

Lhasa People enjoy leisure life

For most people, the first impression of Lhasa City is its "slow" life. In Lhasa, you cannot find people hurrying down the street. Instead, you will slow down your space, too. 

Lhasa is noted for its slow pace and comfortable living. To enjoy a genuine Lhasa life, you had better go to the sweet tea house, where you can drink sweet tea, chat with friends, enjoy the sunshine.

Lhasa tea house

Drinking sweet tea is a part of Tibetan’s daily life. Besides home, tea houses are popular places people always go to drink tea and enjoy leisure life.

The tea house is a place where people gather together and socialize. In a tea house named Guang Ming at Barkhor Street in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, sit people from all walks of life — religious believers, tourists and local Tibetans.

A cup of Tibetan sweet costs only 0.6 Yuan but gives back a lot more than that.

Lhasa Tea House

In this tea house, you can always find generous people, who buy cups of tea or give seat to strangers. In a word, life here is cozy and full of surprise. A simple glimpse of these people will tell you that they are as happy as you can imagine.

The leisure life in Lhasa not only attracts tourists to visit Lhasa, but also attracts foreigners to settle down in Lhasa. There are many foreigners living in Lhasa, running a restaurant or a small shop, or teaching English, or just setting up a family there. 

Chloe Xin

About the Author - Chloe Xin

My Name is Chloe, Senior Trip Advisor for Tibet trip with 5 years working experince in Tibet tourism. Loving Tibet, loving all beautiful thing around.A great funs of nature, with piercing eyes to find beauty in both Nature and People. Patient, Warm Hearted , Considerate, Easy- going , Knowledgeable and always ready to offer help to some one in need.

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