What is chang? The Traditional Tibetan Barley Wine You Must Taste During Your Tibet Trip

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Do you know what is chang? Chang (also Tibetan Barley Wine) is a famous Tibetan beverage. It's a kind of wine with very low alcohol content made from highland barley. To some extent, it is like beer. The Tibetans, no mantter they're women or men and no matter they're the old or the young, enjoy chang very much and chang is indispensable for festive occasions.

Tibet chang

The procedures of making chang are pretty unique. First, the highland barley should be washed  and cooked. Then when the temperature falls lower, add some wine cubes to it and put them all into a stean or a tub and seal it to make it ferment. Two or three days later, add clean water to it and then keep it sealed. And after one or two days, it can be drunk. The color of chang is orange and it tastes sour and sweet.

See how Tibetans make their barley wine in a traditional way

There are also some traditional rules while drinking chang, which is called "three nips and a whole cup" meaning that the host should replenish the chang cup after each of the first three nips. And after the first three nips, the host should replenish the chang cup and the guest should drink up the whole cup. Usually, the host and hostess would sing to propose a toast on a banquet and sometimes there are beautiful-dressed toast girls singing to make the guests drink until they are drunk.

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