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Almost every where has its own local food and beverage, so does Tibet. Tibetan beverage, featured by its unique making method and drinking style as well as its unique taste, is favored by the Tibetans for centuries. Food and beverage are also part of traveling, so do not forget to try some local Tibetan beverage when traveling to Tibet.

tibetan beverage

The famous Tibetan beverage includes the traditional highland barley wine, buttered tea, sweet tea, milk tea, fresh yak milk and sour milk. The Lhasa beer made from pure underground water has taken on the brand “Medicine King Hill”. Across Tibet, many places produce mineral waters containing different trace elements. The highland barley wine is fermented directly from highland barley and tastes sweet and sour with low amount of alcohol. Similar with the rice wine in Central China, the Tibetan highland barley wine tastes quite different from the vehement highland barley wine made in Qinghai and Gansu.

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Tibetans follow several ways to drink tea, the most well-known is the buttered tea. This is a unique way to drink tea in highland and cold areas. They pour tea, butter and salt (or milk) into a special tea barrel. While stirring them, they add egg or walnut. Another kind is the sweet tea stewed with high-class black tea, fresh milk or milk powder and white sugar.

Knowing all these about Tibetan beverage, I believe you are quite thirsty now. Then, why not have a Lhasa tour to enjoy the Tibetan food and beverage? By the way, Lhasa is sure to be the right place for eating in Tibet.

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