Tibetan Tableware and Cookware

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According to Tibetan tradition, wooden bowls are the most common tableware in Tibet. Tibetan wood bowls are usually made of birch by cutting and polishing. The wooden bowls are firm and beautiful with dedicate patterns. The process of making wooden bowls is as follow by sequence: choosing wood, drying wood, performing, polishing and coloring.

Wooden bowls in Tibet can be classified as big bowls, small bowls, bowls with cover, trough, etc. Wooden bowls can be used for drinking buttered tea, eating tsampa, storing food, spice, and condiment. These smooth and pretty wooden bowls can be carried easily.

tibetan tableware

Apart from wooden bowls, Tibetan people also use jade, golden and silver tableware. But these tableware are not used in common families.   

Cookware in Tibet is usually made of pottery. Pottery in Tibet has a history over 4600 years. In Tibet, pottery cookware is applied widely in Tibet. 

tibetan butter barrel

A butter barrel is another indispensable cookware in Tibet. A butter barrel usually comprises of two parts, a barrel body and a blender. Tibet butter tea is a kind of necessary daily food for Tibetans. Its making processes are also very easy. Tibetan people will put some tea-leaves in to a special tea barrel first, and then add the yak butter, salt and some spices together, finally, and punch them heavily till all stuffs mix well. The finished product is Tibet butter tea.

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