5 Top Events of Tibet, Tibet Festival Tours

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If you travel to Tibet during a certain event or festival of Tibet, you will be rewarded with extra interesting experience. Now, please follow Tibettravel org to see the 5 top events of Tibet. Travellers are highly recommended to make Tibet festival tours during the following Tibetan events.

Tibetan New Year Festival

Tibetan New Year FestivalTibetan New Year Festival

The Losar Festival or Tibetan New Year is celebrated in the first week of the first lunar month in Tibetan calendar. It is a particularly colorful time for tourists to visit Tibet. Tibetan opera is performed and streets are dotted with Tibetans in traditional costumes. Prayer ceremonies are held at temples throughout Tibet. But you have missed the Losar Festival in Tibet.
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Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa FestivalSaga Dawa Festival

The Saga Dawa Festival or Sakyamuni’s Enlightenment is celebrated in the whole fourth lunar month in Tibetan calendar. The full moon day (15th day) of this month marks the date of Sakyamuni’s conception, enlightenment and entry into nirvana. A large number of pilgrims go to walk the Lingkhor circuit in Lhasa or the kora around Mt. Kailash.
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Tashilhunpo Festival

Tashilhunpo FestivalTashilhunpo Monastery Festival

From the 14th to 16th days of the fifth lunar month in Tibetan calendar, three thangkas of different Buddhas are unveiled each day at dawn and cham dances are performed. Huge numbers of pilgrims go to worship the Buddhas and walk kora around the temple.
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Shoton Festival

Shoton FestivalShoton Festival

It is the grandest traditional Tibetan festival celebrated in Lhasa in a year. The Shoton Festival starts with a dramatic ceremony of unveiling a huge piece of thangka at Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery, and then Tibetan opera performance are given at Norbulingka and horse racing is held at Lhasa’s horse racing court.
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Nagchu Horse Racing Festival

Nagchu Horse Racing FestivalNagchu Horse Racing Festival

The Nagqu Horse Racing Festivalis the grandest annual event in northern Tibet. August is the golden season on the vast grasslands of Nagqu Prefecture, and the time when the grass is tallest and the weather is most accommodating to those who enjoy the great outdoors.
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