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Kailash Travel Permit Update, July 2014

July,20 2018 BY Cindy Xiao 0 COMMENTS

Every year, thousands of people who are interested in Kailash Travel owning to its special importance in both tourism and religion. As the main peak of the Gandise Mountains, Mt. Kailash is the most famous holy mountain in Asian history. With 4 distinct sides, the gigantic pyramid has a round cap covered in eternal snow and ice. Standing far above surrounding mountains, Mt. Kailash is just like a majestic ruler of Nature.  Regarded as the "center of the world" by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, ancient Jainism, and a Tibetan original religion Bonism, Mt. Kailash is not only a tourist attraction to travelers but a holy land for pilgrims. 

Earlier this year (the year of horse) in April, Tibet government closed Mt. Kailash because the visitors outnumbered its capacity. It is said that the zodiac symbol of Buddha Sakyamuni is the horse. The pilgrims believe that to walk around the mountain for one round is equal to 13 rounds in a year of the horse. Therefore, a Tibetan year of the horse always sees the largest number of pilgrims. 

“In late-June, we got confirmation from Tibet that Mt. Kailash will be reopened soon,” said Catherine Jing, the general manager of Tibet Vista. “But there were many restrictions. As soon as we received the notice, we put this information online immediately so that our customers can have a better understanding of this policy,” she continued. “Our government had a strict limitation on the number of visitors, the type of tours, the nationality of travelers, and even the travel agencies,” said Catherine. “It’s better for travelers to contact us for reliable update before booking any Kailash tour.” For details, check out: Mount Kailash Permit Restrictions.

Since its reopening to foreigners, Tibet Vista has sent many travelers to Mt. Kailash, but the quota is extremely limited. “The current reception is about 90 people per day, including Indian pilgrims,” Catherine added. “Since there is barely any vacancy left in July and August, we would like to suggest travelers to postpone their trip to September.” 

Different from Tibet Travel Permit, the permit application for Mt. Kailash tour is far more complicated. The procedure almost takes about 20 days, which means travelers had better provide all the necessary documents to the travel agency at least 30 days before the tour. 

“Because of the finite quota, if you have plans of visiting there, please contact us as soon as possible so that we have enough time to arrange all the essential documents and travel service,” said Catherine.

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