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Shannan (Lhoka) Travel Advice

Lying at the valley between the Gangdise Mountains and the Nyainqentanglha Mountains, Shannan (or Lhoka), has an average elevation of 3700 meters with Tsedang Town as its economic, cultural and transportation center. Covering an area of 79,700 square kilometers, Lhoka is highly reputed as the cradle of Tibetan civilization, which houses the earliest monasteries, ancient palaces, holy lakes in Tibet, like Samye Monastery, Trandruk Monastery, Yumbulagang Palace, the Tombs of Tibetan kings, Yamdrok Lake, Lhamo La-tso, etc.

Surrounded by Lhasa on the north, Shigatse on the west, Nyingchi on the east and India and Bhutan on the south, Lhoka has a very convenient traffic system. You can take the Tibet train to Lhasa first and then follow the scenic G318 and S101 to Tsedang Town. Or you can take the flight to Gonggar Airport directly, which is just 96km to Tsedang, Lhoka. After that, you can travel west to Shigatse or east to Nyingchi as you like. And the best travel time to Tsedang for tourists is spring and autumn.

To help you work out a wonderful trip to Lhoka, southern Tibet, we, Tibet Vista team, have nailed down loads of useful travel advice for your Tibet Shannan tour. From Tsedang weather to travel map, from transportation to elevation in Tsedang, here you’ll find what you need exactly!

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Here we have handpicked the most frequently asked questions on Lhoka travel and tours, like how to arrange day trip in Lhoka, best time to visit Lhoka, what and where to eat in Tsedang, how to plan a Lhamo Lhatso Trek, etc. By the way, you are warmly welcomed to send your inquiry to our Tibet travel gurus and we’re already here to help you out.

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Neighboring Lhasa, Nyingchi, and Shigatse, Shannan houses tons of cultural and historic relics. Travelling along Yarlung Tsangpo River, you can visit the first Palace in Tibet - Yumbulagang, appreciate the peal Thangka in Trandruk Monastery, explore the first temple in Tibet - Samye Monastery, even make a detour to the meditation retreat of Guru Rinpoche - Chim-puk Hermitage. After that, you can travel west to Shigatse and catch a glimpse of Yamdrok Lake, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Mount Everest, or head east to visit Nyingchi and finally get back to Lhasa.

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