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Tsedang Tourist Attractions

Sitting at the south of the Gangdise Mountains and the Nyainqentanglha Mountains, Shannan (also known as Lhoka in the Tibetan Language) connects Lhasa on the north through Yarlung Zangbo River Qushui Bridge, Shigatse on the west and Nyingchi on the west. Shannan is highly reputed as the cradle of Tibetan civilization. Here you can find the numerous ancient temples and spectacular natural landscapes, ranging from the earliest palaces to the largest tombs of the Tibetan kings, from the rolling snow-mountains to the stunning holy lakes, etc. Even the off-the-beaten-track attractions also play a vital role in Tibetan culture and history. Here is a short list of the main tourist sights in Lhoka: Yamdroktso Lake, Samding Monastery, Yumbulagang, Tombs of the Tibetan Kings, Samye Monastery, Chim-puk Hermitage, Yarlung Tsangpo Valley, Yalong River, Trandruk Monastery, Mindroling Monastery, Lhamo La-tso, Dratang Monastery, Dorje Drak Monastery, Gonggar Chode Monastery, Gangpo Ri, Riduo Hot Spring, Woka Hot Spring, Namseling Manor.

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All Tourist Attractions in Tsedang

To help you plan a wonderful Tsedang trip, we, Tibet Vista team, have collected all the tourist sights in and around Tsedang with detailed information like best time to visit, ticket price, how to get there and useful travel tips, etc.

  • Yamdroktso Lake

    It is 1 of 3 Holy Lakes in Tibet (the other 2 are Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar).

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  • Samding Monastery

    Samding appears to have had both monks and nuns in residence, and was run by an abbess, one of the only female incarnations in Tibet.

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  • Yumbulagang

    Yumbulagang is considered the oldest building in Tibet.

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  • Tombs of the Tibetan Kings

    Looking from afar, one will catch an amazing view of a dozen giant tombs lining from north to south in the valley.

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  • Samye Monastery

    Samye Monastery is thought to be Tibet’s 1st monastery and its 1st university.

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  • Chim-puk Hermitage

    Chim-puk Hermitage is a warren of caves northeast of Samye that was once a meditation retreat for Gulug Rinpoche.

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  • Yarlung Tsangpo Valley

    The serene waters of the braided Yarlung Tsangpo meander through a swathe of land flanked by dramatic sand dunes and rich in Tibetan history.

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  • Yalong River

    It is a tributary of the Yangtze River. Its source originates from the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau in southeast Qinghai.

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  • Trandruk Monastery

    Dating back to the 7th century reign of Songtsen Gampo, it is also one of Tibet’s demoness-subduing temples.

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  • Mindroling Monastery

    It is the largest and most important Nyingmapa monastery.

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  • Lhamo La-tso

    Many pilgrims come each year to Lhamo La-tso believing that, with proper devoutness, and after fasting for 3 days and refraining from talk, they will be rewarded with a revelation of their future in the skull-shaped mirror of the lake.

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  • Dratang Monastery

    This small Sakyapa monastery of only 8 monks is of interest mainly to art specialists for its rare murals.

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  • Dorje Drak Monastery

    Dorje Drak Monastery is 1 of the 2 most important Nyingmapa monasteries.

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Recommended Tsedang Tour Itineraries

Neighboring Lhasa, Nyingchi, and Shigatse, Shannan houses tons of cultural and historic relics. Travelling along Yarlung Tsangpo River, you can visit the first Palace in Tibet - Yumbulagang, appreciate the peal Thangka in Trandruk Monastery, explore the first temple in Tibet - Samye Monastery, even make a detour to the meditation retreat of Guru Rinpoche - Chim-puk Hermitage. After that, you can travel west to Shigatse and catch a glimpse of Yamdrok Lake, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Mount Everest, or head east to visit Nyingchi and finally get back to Lhasa.

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