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Located in the southwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet, covers an area of 182,000 square kilometers with 17 counties and one port (Gyirong Port). With the altitude ranging from 3840m to 8844.43m, Shigatse is home to dozens of classic tourist attractions, like Tashilhunpo Monastery - the seat of Panchen Lama, Sakya Monastery - “Second Dunhuang” treasuring precious scriptures and delicate murals, Pelkor Chode Monastery - landmark of Tibetan art history, Mt.Everest - the world’s highest peak and Rongbuk Monastery - the highest monastery on earth, etc.

Besides, Shigatse connects Ngari/Ali on the west, Nagqu on the north, Lhasa and Shannan on the east and borders Nepal, Bhutan, India on the south, making it become the most popular tourist hub for travelling around the whole Tibet Autonomous Region and delving into the mystical kingdoms of Himalayas.

In a word, Shigatse is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Tibet with its ancient culture, majestic temple architecture, magnificent natural scenery, and superior geographical position. But how to plan a trip to Shigatse and surrounding has been a hard nut to crack for most visitors. No worries! As a leading pioneer of Tibet tourism for international friends, we, Tibet Vista team, have nailed down loads of useful travel advice for your Tibet Shigatse tour. From Shigatse altitude to weather and climate, from shopping to dining in Shigatse, here you’ll find what you need exactly!

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Here we have handpicked the most frequently asked questions on Shigatse travel and tours, like how to plan a trip to Shigatse, best time to visit Shigatse, how to get to Shigatse, Tibet, what and where to eat in Shigatse, best tour experience in Shigatse, etc. By the way, you are warmly welcomed to send your inquiry to our Tibet travel gurus and we’re already here to help you out.

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Lying on the southwestern border of the People's Republic of China, Shigatse, the second biggest city in Tibet, has always been the gateway city to Mt.Everest and the Himalayan Kingdoms. No matter what you are keen on, like profound history and ancient architectures, Tibetan Buddhism and authentic culture, natural landscape and wild animals, etc., you can always find out what you want. Check the top 4 highly recommended Shigatse tours that start from Lhasa and beyond, such as Kailash and Kathmandu.

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