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Road in Tibet

The roads in Tibet have developed over the years to form a well-founded road network in the Tibet plateau. There are currently 1300 kilometers of highways in Tibet, and five highways connecting Tibet with mainland China and Nepal.

The modern highway network has made traveling in Tibet much smoother and more comfortable, and the long hours of driving less unbearable. While driving along the paved road between the major cities in Tibet, you can enjoy the marvelous landscape of Tibet and go deeper to the local villages.

Whether you want a self-driving experience in Tibet, or join in a Tibet overland tour, understanding the local road conditions and choosing the right travel route is the first step on your journey to Tibet. Here you can know more about Tibet road conditions, Tibet car rental, Tibet self-driving, etc.

How about the road condition in Tibet?

After several years of construction, the roads in Tibet are in good condition and are mostly asphalt. Only a few roads in remote areas are in poor condition, such as the last few kilometers at Everest Base Camp, which are made with gravels and pebbles and is very irregular.

Among the several highways into Tibet, the Qinghai-Tibet highway and the Xinjiang Tibet highway are asphalt road in good condition. The Sichuan-Tibet highway is mostly asphalt, but the roads in the mountainous areas of Sichuan are in poor condition and prone to landslides and other geological disasters in summer.

The road condition of Lhasa to Kathmandu overland road is quite good in the Tibet region, but the road in mountainous areas near the Gyirong border is in poor condition and can be easily affected in the rainy season.

Is foreigner allowed to travel Tibet in a self-driving tour?

It is possible for foreign drivers to take a self-driving tour to Tibet. There are several documents required for self-driving to Tibet, such as a Chinese Visa, Tibet travel permit, and Chinese Driving License (an international driving license is not acceptable).

According to your driving route, you may need to apply for more travel documents, like the Aliens’ Travel Permit for an Everest Base Camp tour and the Military permit for traveling to Mount Kailash.

However, individual travel is not allowed in Tibet. Even you plan to take a self-driving tour in Tibet, you need to book your self-driving tour with a registered travel agency and travel with your Tibetan guide offered by the agency.

For more self-driving information or need a quote for your self-driving tour in Tibet, please feel free to contact us. Our one-on-one travel consultant will provide you with exclusive service.

Where to rent a car in Tibet?

Nowadays, it is convenient to rent a car in Lhasa, Tibet. Jeeps like Toyota Land Cruiser are the best choice. There are also minibuses or medium-sized buses available for rent. But please notice that international tourists are not permitted to drive rental vehicles in Tibet. You can rent a car with a local driver and travel guide through a local travel agency.

As the best-known local travel agency since 1984, we provided kinds of vehicles with experienced local drivers in Tibet for different group sizes. Whether you are looking for a private car for your family or a tour bus for your group, we can provide you with professional and safe Tibet vehicles and transfer services according to your needs.

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