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Rawok Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet

About Rawok Lake

Ranwok, surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains and forests, is just by the Sichuan-Tibet road. The lake has an area of 22,000 square km, with an elevation of 3,850 meters. The famous Lhegu Glacier is standing to the north of Rawok Lake. Every time when the ice melts, water flows into Rawok Lake, keeping the lake abundant. In addition, thawed snow makes the water demonstrate different colors in different seasons. It is the main supply of Palong Tsangpo, a branch of Yarlung Tsangpo River. 

People always say that Ranwok Lake, together with Lhegu Glacier is a perfect combination of Alps of Swiss and Jiuzaigou. After the arrival, the picturesque view will definitely drive away your fatigues, the upright high peaks, white glaciers, blue lake, green grassland, floating clouds and lush forests. Many of the peaks surrounding the lake are over 5,000 meters high. At the foot of these peaks, you can see herds of cattle and sheep wandering around, barley and cabbage thriving. 

Legend has it that once upon a time a water buffalo and a scalper lived respectively in the lake and on the bank. They were hostile to each other and often fight with each other. Eventually they both died in a fierce battle. Both of them became 2 mountains near Rawok Lake. Although this legend has no ground, scientists do sugeest that its formation is linked with the collision of 3 giant mountains-- Nyenchen Tangula Mountain, Himalaya and Handuan Mountain Range. 

Tips of Rawok Lake

1. There are some guesthouses and youth hotels near Rawok Lake that could provide accommodation to visitors.

2. Rawok Town is also very famous for its cuisine. Yet because of its isolated location, food there are of higher price than average.  

Attractions nearby Rawok Lake

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