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The Traffic System in Ngari

September,23 2016 BY Tony Yin 0 COMMENTS

Tibet is renowned as the “roof of the world”. Ngari is the highest region in Tibet, so it is also known as the “roof of the roof of the world”. Due to its isolation, it is not so convenient to travel to Ngari as to other places of Tibet. If you want to visit Ngari, you have to rent a private car to get there. Though there is currently an airport in Ngari, it is always impossible for you to get an air ticket to Ngari. At present by road is the main way of entering Ngari. The main arterial roads include Xinjiang-Tibet highway, Amdo-Shiquanhe Road, Lhatze-Pulan Road, etc. 
Because of the high altitude and bad natural climate, the roads are always blocked by the changeable weather. The best time to go to Ngari in a whole year is only July and August which is very inconvenience.


By flight

Ali Kunsha Airport

The only airport in Ngari, Ali Kunsha Airport was officially put into use in 2010. Now the China Air offers two flights from Chengdu to Ngari respectively on Tuesday and Friday. The flights make a stopover in Lhasa after taking off for two hours. The stop time is about 40 minutes to 50 minutes. And then the flight flies about 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to Kunsha Airport. The Kunsha Airport is located in the southwest of Shiquan River Town of Ngari, which is 50 km far away from Shiquan River. There is a free bus from the airport to the Shiquanhe Town, taking about one hour's driving.

By coach

Scheduled bus from Ngari to Lhasa, Shigatze and Karghalik can be found in the bus center of Ngari. Usually, the bus to Lhasa sets out each two days andarrives in Lhasa 2 days and 3 nights later. The bus to Shigatze runs each four days and gets there within 2 days and one night. The bus to Karghalik isalso starts off each four days and finishes after 40 hours driving. Most time the departure time depends on the road condition, bus condition, the number of passengers and the weather.

heaven road to Ngari

By renting private car

The most convenient way is to rent a private car in Lhasa to Ngari. Now highway is the only way from Lhasa to Ngari.

The local transportation in Ngari

Traveling in Ngari, the most convenient traffic way is renting a car. The price depends on different routes. The price in rush season and off season is also not the same. But the price for 4WD is about 1100 RMB to 1200 RMB per day. Other kinds of cars may be at a lower price but it will be harder driving in somewhere with poor road condition.


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