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Ngari Travel Guide

Ngari (also Ali) prefecture in northwestern Tibet is known as "the roof of the world" for it is situated at an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level. It's the place where the Himalayas, the Gangdise, the Kunlun Mountains and Karakorum Mountains meet. This area is dotted with beautiful lakes and rivers, great mountains and glaciers, vast grasslands, spectacular snow mountains and clay forests.

Sparsely populated, Ngari is a paradise for wild animals, such as yaks and Tibetan antelopes. It is also a popular tourist destination with many famous natural and historical sites, like the ruins of Guge Kingdom, Toling Temple, the holy Mt. Kailash and the sacred Lake Manasarovar. The last two are symbolized as the spiritual center of Buddhists.

  • Ngari Tourist Attractions

    Ngari tourist attractions consist of both historical and natural sights offering tourists insights into the fascinating culture, life and history at the roof of the roof of the world.

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  • Ngari Travel Advice

    Ngari travel advice offers tourists all aspects of travel tips to Ngari, like the best travel time, dinning, accommodation, transportation, trekking, pilgrim circuits and so on.

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  • Dining in Ngari

    Dining in Ngari tells tourists what to eat in Ngari. Food in this remote area is much more expensive than expected. Influenced by a harsh climate, there are limited varieties of food and vegetables.

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  • Hotels in Ngari

    Hotels in Ngari are a kind of poor. Most of them are guest houses. Baths are only available in Shiquanhe Town. We recommend you take your sleeping bag, for self-sanitation and keeping warm.

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  • Mount Kailash Kora

    Kailash Kora is very attractive to pilgrims, not just Tibetans, but Hindus and Buddhists from India to Japan. Everyone comes to Kailash to walk the world's best kora, the sacred circuit around the grand mount.

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  • Ngari Maps and Prefecture

    Ngari maps and prefecture gives tourists an overview of Ngari. In this case, tourists can get a clear idea about where they are and where they want to go in Ngari.

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  • Photos of Ngari

    A collection of Pictures of Ngari unfold the daily life and customs of Ngari people, the cityscape of Ali, western Tibet.

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Recommended Tour Itineraries in Ngari Prefecture

Regarded as the holiest moutain and lake in Tibet, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar attract a number of pilgrim to visit with a cleansing heart on the roof of the world. Certainly, other tourist attractions in Ngari are filled with magic. Tibet Vista provides more than 10 tour packages including these tourist attractions in Ngari Prefecture at the best price.

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