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Nagchu Travel Advice

Lying between the the southern slope of Tanggula Mountain and the northern foot of Nyainqentanglha Mountain, Nagchu (also known as Nagqu or Naqu) is home to rolling mountains, vast grassland, stunning lakes and precious species, like Nagqu River - the headwater of the Nujiang River (the Salween), Tangra Yum Tso - a holy lake of the Bon religion, Siling Tso - the world’s highest lake, Changtang Prairie - the world’s largest grassland plateau, Nagqu Horse Racing Festival - the most magnificent horse racing festival in Tibet, etc.

Literally translated as “black river”, Nagchu is a prefecture-level city in northern Tibet, and borders Chamdo on the east, Ngari on the west, Lhasa and Nyingchi on the south and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province on the north. You can follow the scenic Qinghai-Tibet Highway or take the epic Tibet train ride to Nagchu from Lhasa and mainland China. And the best travel time to Nagchu is from May to September for it’s relatively warm and moist.

To help you plan a wonderful trip to Nagqu, northern Tibet, we, Tibet Vista team, have nailed down loads of useful travel advice for your Nagchu tour. From Nagqu climate to travel map, from transportation to hotels in Nagchu, here you’ll find what you need exactly!

Most Useful Travel Articles to Help your Nagchu Tour Planning

Here we have handpicked the most frequently asked questions on Nagchu travel and tours, like how to plan a Nagchu Horse Racing Festival tour, best time to visit Nagchu, Nagchu Railway Station and Tibet train to Nagqu, what and where to eat in Nagchu, where to buy caterpillar fungus in Nagchu, Tibet, etc. By the way, you are warmly welcomed to send your inquiry to our Tibet travel gurus and we’re already here to help you out.

Recommended Northern Tibet Nagqu Tour Itineraries

Nagqu, well-known for authentic nomadic culture in northern Tibet, offers you tons of amazing things to do, like attending Nagqu Horse Festival in August - the most hilarious festival in northern Tibet, exploring the mysterious relics of Xiangxiong Kingdom - the earliest civilization center on the Tibetan plateau, capturing the superb views of Namtso Lake and Siling Tso - the largest lakes of Tibet in just one go, visiting the prestigious Tsanden Monastery and other off-the-beaten-track temples altogether, etc. Check the top 4 highly recommended Lhasa Nagchu tours with the extending trip to eastern Tibet Kham Region and Area.

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