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Charming Mount Namu Nanyi Facing Mt. Kailash

September,23 2016 BY Tony Yin 0 COMMENTS

Praised as the Goddess Mountain by local Tibetans, Mount Namu Nanyi is located at western part of Himalays in Purang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet. The Mt. Namu Nanyi stands by the sacred Lake Manasarovar and faces the holy Mt. Kailash at a distance. Thus, travelers will have a chance to witness the magnificent landscapes of the two mountains and the holy lake Manasarovar if they make a Kailash Tour.  

Snow-capped Mt. Namu Nanyi lying beside Lake Manasarovar

Both the Namu Nanyi and Kailash are always covered by heavy snow, so travelers could enjoy the amazing snowscape all around the year. But the best season to visit this area is between May and June when the weather is pretty good. 

There are three routes to enter into Namu Nanyi Peak. Tourists can make a Tibet tour from Lhasa to Namu Nanyi or from Kathmandu to Namu Nanyi or overland from Xinjiang to Namu Nanyi via the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway.  

Majestic Mt. Namu Nanyi on the wayside

At 7,694 meters, the Namu Nanyi is the 34th highest peak in the world and the fifth highest mountain among the five Goddess Mountains of Himalayas. It is the holy mountain controlling the intelligence and life span for Tibetans.

Breathtaking view of Mt. Namu Nanyi with colorful prayer flags under blue sky

The Mt. Namu Nanyi has six main mountain ridges and there are dozens of mountains with an altitude of more than 6000 meters on these ridges. The cliffs are pretty precipitous and there is an arête with a height difference of 2000 meters on the east side of Namu Nanyi. Furthermore, there are five magnificent giant glaciers on the west of the peak.

Mount Namu Nanyi was opened as a mountaineering region and scientific research area in 1980s. The geologic investigation and some mountaineering activities organized by Sino-foreign joint mountaineering team were held here. In 1985, the Sino-Japan Joint Mountaineering Team conquered the Namu Nanyi successfully.

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