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Camping at Pangong Tso in Western Tibet

September,23 2016 BY Tony Yin 0 COMMENTS

Known for its calmness, clearness and unending expandability, Pangong Tso is biggest lake in Asia, located at a remote Ngari area of Tibet. The beauty of the lake cannot be described but can only be experienced. Camping at Pangong Tso in western Tibet is the best way to experience its charm. 

This beautiful, long and narrow lake stretches 155 kilometers from east to west and is narrow from south to north, 15 kilometers across at its widest point and as narrow as 40 meters at its narrowest. It is very strange that its water changes from freshwater to semi-salt-water to saltwater as you go from east to west. Most of the lake area within Rutog County is fresh water; only a small part is semi-saltwater. 

    pangong tso

Most tourists to Tibet only do a day trip to the lake, but spending at least one day here is highly recommended so that you can watch the myriad colors of the lake at different times of the day. The sunset & the sunrise are the best time to witness the sheer beauty of this place. The migratory birds add a special feel to the whole experience. Reaching the lake itself is an experience to remember.

It is a delight to your eyes and pure like a morning due, the stillness, the calmness & the beauty is so overwhelming that it will leave you mesmerized. 

pangong tso lake

But the lake is only accessible for a limited period of time from May till September. There are two roads from Lhasa to Ngari, southern road (1190km) and northern road (1760).  

Camping at Pangong Tso is a unique holiday experience with nature. Tibet travel org can help you enjoy an expedition style camping. 

pangong tso lake

Facilities at the camp

Water-proof and wind-proof tents. The weather is changeable at high elevation.  

Warm sleeping bags & mattress. It can be very cold at night.

pangong tso lake

Proper seasons to camp at Pangong Tso

The camp is operational from May till September End. When you come early in the season in May, it is quite cold. September also is quite cold here so proper clothing is advised to enjoy the outdoors. There are also chances of AMS hitting you here, so do not plan a trip in haste here. Do spend enough number of days at a higher altitude before plan to stay here. Allow us to plan your holiday and we will help you avoid AMS. No one can guarantee 100% success though. 

As weather at high altitude can change anytime, one must be properly equipped with clothing before camping at these altitudes. Check our clothing guide and discuss with us, if in doubt. 

Bird watching  

pangong tso bird island

Bangong Tso is the paradise of migrant birds. The bird island at Pangong-tso Lake is world known as the highest in the world. It is an islet covering an area of 60,000 square meters. There are no big trees on the islet except short bushes. But you can see numerous ducks and gulls over and on the lake surface. There are some species of scrub and perennial herbs that grow in the marshes around the lake.

The lake acts as an important breeding ground for a variety of birds including a number of migratory birds. During summer, the Bar-headed goose and Brahmini ducks are commonly seen here.  

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