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Tibet Tourist Vehicle Types - transportation in Tibet

Your safety and comfort when traveling in Tibet are always the priorities of Tibet Vista. So, the majority of the drivers hired by Tibet Vista are hand-picked seasoned drivers with years of tour service experience in Tibet; and the tourist vehicles are carefully selected, mostly brand-new or only being used for one or two years at most. We ensure you enjoy a pleasant and comfortable time on the road to every destination and tourist attraction of our Holy Land.

Currently, the road condition in Tibet is very good, mostly with the tar coated road. But even then, we still carefully dispatch the different type of vehicle to our different tour groups according to the groups members and the tourist destinations they will travel around.

Buick Mini-Van (7 Seats, usually used for groups of 2-5 tourists) 

Mini-Van: there are 7 seats in total of this kind of vehicle, used for mostly groups ranging from 2 to 5 travelers. It is spacious with big window to enjoy the gorgeous landscape of Tibet.

Buick Mini-Van

Hyundai/JAC Middle-Size Van (9 Seats, usually used for groups of 5-7 tourists)

Middle-Size Van: there are 9 seats in total in this kind of middle-size van, mostly used for groups ranging from 5 to 7 travelers. It is spacious with big window to enjoy the gorgeous landscape of Tibet. 

Middle-Size Van

Ford Transit Van (11 seats, usually for 7-9 travelers)

Ford Transit Van: Ford Transit has 11 seats in total, with two seats for driver and tour guide, mostly used for groups ranging from 7 to 9 travelers. The window is big, so that you can enjoy the outside scenery.

Ford Transit Van

Middle-Size Bus (17 seats, usually for 9-13 travelers)

Middle-size Bus: there are 17 seats in total for this kind of tourist vehicle, usually used for tour groups of 9 to 13 passengers, with large truck for the luggage. 

Middle Size Touring Bus

Sightseeing Bus (23 seats, usually for 13-18 travelers)

Sightseeing Bus: with 23 seats available, it is the large vehicle type of Tibet tourism. It is usually used for the tour groups ranging from 13 to 18 passengers.

Tibet Sightseeing Bus

Tibet Vista Experienced Driver Team

Easily-approachable, and warm-hearted, our seasoned drivers with years of tour service experience in Tibet are ready to drive you safely and comfortably. 

Tibet Vista gives top priority to the safety of travel. In fact, one of our objectives is to provide safe, comfortable and tourist-friendly transportation service. Never will we do business at the expense of tourists’ safety and comfort, let alone use cheap or problematic vehicles.

For years, the tradition of safe travel and driving has remained unchanged, and more than 97% of clients have given credit to our quality tour transportation service. Check what our previous clients said about Tibet Vista's transportation service.