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Children and the Elderly Travel to Tibet

Every year, there are millions of travelers traveling to Tibet, but some special travelers may not be sure whether they can go to Tibet or not due to the high altitude and harsh environment of Tibet. Therefore, we collect some Tibet travel tips for special travelers to Tibet, telling you whether the old, the disabled, or kids can go to Tibet, what they should be aware of if they travel to Tibet, which places of Tibet they can travel to, how to choose the travel route for the family tour with kids in Tibet, What to Do in Lhasa for Family Tour.

What is the maximum and minimum age limit for traveling to Tibet?

In fact, there is no age limitation for Tibet tours. The one who can not go to Tibet is not judged by the age but the fitness. In other words, you can travel to Tibet at any age unless you are healthy enough.

During the past decades, we have our youngest customer at the age of 3 and the oldest client we have is at the age of 82. Both of them made their trips to Everest Base Camp with their family.

The most important thing for visiting such a high plateau, with an average altitude of 4000 meters above sea level, fitness is more important than the age.

It is highly suggested that you consult your doctor for advice on whether you can travel to Tibet before you go.

Please spend 2-3 days in Lhasa for acclimatization before going to higher places. And if you plan to take a Tibet family tour with young kids, to stay around Lhasa and surrounding would be a good choice.

Is it safe for the elderly and kids to travel to Everest Base Camp?

It is hard to say it is 100% safe for the elderly and kids travel to Everest Base Camp. But we have every intention of doing our best to secure your trip to the base camp.

All of our vehicles in Tibet are equipped with portable oxygen bottles and a blood oxygen saturation level metering device. Our well-trained guide will pay attention to the health of each tourist.

Make sure that your elderly family members and children can visit Tibet by consulting your doctor.

Moreover, you need to pay extra care to your young kids, since they may not be able to articulate their discomfort as clearly as adults. Children under the year of 7 are not suggested to visit Everest Base Camp.

What senior travelers need to be aware of when traveling to Tibet?

For senior travelers visiting Tibet, the first preparation if to have a medical check-up to make sure whether they are healthy enough to go to Tibet place with an average altitude around 4000 meters above sea level.

Elderly travelers with cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, and chronic respiratory system diseases are not suggested to travel to Tibet.

Please consultant your doctor for more professional advice.

What are the recommended things to do for a family tour in Tibet?

If you travel with your family, including young kids or elderly family members, it is highly recommended to visit Lhasa and around, such as Gandan Monastery, Yamdrok Lake, etc.

There are many things to do for family tourists in Lhasa. Not only visit the famous Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple, but you can also enjoy Tibetan local snacks and Tibetan cuisines in a local Teahouse, or have a Tibetan style picnic in Norbulingka.

In addition to that, you can also visit a Tibet family in a surrounding village and see what traditional Tibetan life is like. You can also join a family kitchen and learn how to make a Tibetan snack with your family.

If you travel to Tibet with children under 7 years old, it is not suggested to go to Everest Base Camp since the altitude is too high.

Any tips for travel Tibet with the elderly and Kids?

First, please pay attention to altitude sickness in Tibet.

The altitude sickness in Tibet is no doubt the biggest concern for tourists coming to Tibet for the first time.

No matter how old you are, make sure you don’t have heart disease, hypertension, cranial vascular diseases, and emphysema. Please check your body and follow your doctor’s advice before you go.

Having a leisure travel schedule in Tibet and keep a good mood is helpful to release the altitude sickness.

Second, the food in Tibet may not to your liking, especially to children’s liking, since it is mainly yak and mutton with heavy flavor.

It is easy to find restaurants with simple western food in Lhasa city. But when you go outside Lhasa, the food there is more Chinese or Tibetan dishes.

It is suggested to bring some high-calorie snacks with you, such as chocolates or granola bars.

If you are vegetarians, please tell your travel consultant when booking the trip to Tibet so that we can arrange suitable meals for you.

Is it safe for a person in a wheelchair to travel to Tibet?

Since many monasteries in Tibet are located on the mountain hill, it will not be convenient for the wheelchair friends to visit.

There is no elevator in Potala Palace, so it may be a pity to visit Lhasa without reach to the top of the palace. But for them, it is also available to visit places like the Barkhor street, Lhasa river, and Yamdrok Lake without serious hiking.

Please feel free to contact us and let our experienced travel consultant arrange the best Tibet tour according to your requirements.

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