Useful Tibetan Words

There are some Tibetan words most-commonly used in local people's daily life:

English Pronunciation of Tibetan 
Hello tashi dele
Goodbye( when staying) Kale Phe
Goodbye( when leaving)  kale shoo
Good luck Tashi delek
Good morning   Shokpa delek
Good evening Gongmo delek
Good day Nyinmo delek
How are you Kherang kusug depo yin pey
Nice to meet you Kherang jelwa hajang gapo chong
Thank you thoo jaychay
Yes/ Ok Ong\yao
Sorry  Gong ta
I don't understand ha ko ma song
I understand ha ko song
How much? Ka tso re?
Feel uncomfortable De po min duk.
I catch a cold. Nga champa gyabduk.
Stomach ache Doecok nagyi duk
Headache Go nakyi duk
Have a cough Lo gyapkyi.
Toothache So nagyi
Feel cold Kyakyi duk.
Have a fever Tsawar bar duk
Have diarrhea Drocok shekyi duk
Get hurt Nakyi duk
Public services mimang shapshu
Where is the nearest hospital? Taknyishoe kyi menkang ghapar yore?
What would you like to eat Kherang ga rey choe doe duk
Is there any supermarket or department store? Di la tsong kang yo repe?
Hotel donkang.
Restaurant Zah kang yore pe?
Bank Ngul kang.
Police station nyenkang
Bus station   Lang khor puptsuk
Railway station Mikhor puptsuk
Post office Yigsam lekong
Tibet Tourism Bureau   Bhoekyi yoelkor lekong
You  Kye rang
I nga
We ngatso
He/she Kye rang

Don't ignore those words! Sometimes it will help you an easy and pleasant trip in Tibet.

Master Kungga Dundruk

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