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What You Should Know for Trekking in Tibet

If you want a satisfying trekking challenge, Tibet should be your next destination. It is home to some of the highest mountains in the world and offers a diverse experience as you counter everything from high mountains to deep lush valleys, mesmerizing lakes, exotic wildlife, sensational moonscapes, and more. Follow our local trekking experts to find out the key information you should know for trekking in Tibet.

When is the best time for Tibet trekking?

You can visit Tibet all year long. However, as a trekker, climate conditions can be the most essential part of your journey. For trekkers’ delight, Tibet offers the finest seasons for trekking: spring and autumn; specifically, from April to May and September to October, respectively.

Spring is one of the most alluring times in Tibet as you can experience fresh clean air and prime visibility. Make sure to take some amazing pictures as this is the time you do not need to worry about the clouds and fogs. Spring temperatures are still considered cold with a high of 8-9 degrees Celsius in April and can reach as high as 12 in May. At night, however, the temperature drops to a little below freezing. An advantage of Tibet trekking in April is that you get to witness and the month-long Saga Dawa Festival (to celebrate the birth of Buddha, enlightenment, and Nirvana).

As fog and rainy weather lifts and leaves start falling, September to October is considered another great time to explore the beauty of Tibet. Autumn in Tibet offers a colorful pleasure with the sun shining, lush green grasses, and the leaves turning red and yellow before it falls off the trees. The temperature during this season can go as high as 12-13 degrees in September and 8-9 degrees in October. Again, nighttime offers colder temperatures as the number go down and reach below zero in October.

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How fit do I need to be to trek in Tibet?

You do not need to have the special powers of Superman to trek in Tibet. Yes, fitness is important to trek anywhere in the world. You also do not want to be a couch potato as trekking is not for you if you’re not fit at all. Fitness is not really a major issue to be able to trek in Tibet; the hardest part is the altitude. If the level of your fitness allows you to travel to mountain tails, it is not so difficult to start this adventure. A good physical condition can help you make your trekking successful while enjoying to the max.

How to avoid altitude sickness while trekking in Tibet?

As fun as it is to trek in Tibet, you might face some difficulties during this life-changing experience. One of the most common problems trekkers face is altitude sickness. Altitude sickness can be complicated as everyone has a different response to high altitude based on our genetics. While this might be a problem, there is a very simple way to over it: “Ascend slowly”. Most people get altitude sickness by going to high, too fast.

Moreover, you need to follow the saying “precaution is better than cure”. Although altitude sickness is very common in people trekking in Tibet, you need to take it seriously and avoid severe sickness. That is why you might want to consult a doctor before getting on board.

Tibet is beautiful and people crave to trek and explore this heavenly place on earth. However, your health needs to be your priority. Altitude sickness can be fought over with precautions and medication, but you might have to cancel your Tibet trekking plans if you have on of the following symptoms:
* Tuberculosis, pneumonia, serious tracheitis, bronchitis or something relating to it
* Serious heart attack or high blood pressure
* Serious cold

What are the most classic Tibet trekking routes?

Tibet offers one of the finest trekking trails and gives you the experience like nowhere else. If you are ready to delve into the majestic Tibet and explore the diverse and unique culture, here are the most classic Tibet trekking routes:

1. Gama Valley Trekking:
Located in the Tingri county, on the eastern side of Mount Everest, Gama Valley is known as one of the most gorgeous valleys in the world. This beautiful area might not be as easy to reach as you will be acquainted with yaks and horses as your means of transport. The Gama Valley is a trekking paradise if you love nature, as this breathtaking route will present you with exotic plants, diverse wildlife, and mesmerizing wetlands, lakes, and waterfalls. Known as one of the highest treks in the world with altitudes ranging from 4,000 meters to as high as 5,300 meters, this epic adventure can last from 10-15 days This valley is also a residence to the native mountaineer's legendary Sherpas and it can lead to some fascinating conversations. - See detailed information about Gama Valley trekking

2. Mount Kailash Kora Trek:
Mount Kailash is one of the most sacred mountains on planet earth and is worshipped in Jainism, Bonismo, and Hinduism. Hindus believe that they should visit this divine place at least once in their lifetime. This lifetime pilgrimage trek is definitely not for weak-kneed and should not be done by inexperienced trekkers in high altitudes. This route has an average altitude of 4,700 meters with an unstable perpetual climate and can be very risky.

Mt. Kailash kora trek is one of the top trekking routes in Tibet. So, tighten your shoelaces and be ready to explore the extraordinary mountain scenery and deep spiritual significance.

3. Namtso Lake Trek:
Namtso Lake is known as the most sacred lake in Tibet and allures a good number of travelers & pilgrims every year. Namtso Lake trek can take from seven to ten days. Namtso Lake is located near Damxung. 4718 meters above sea level and covering 1900 square kilometers. Each year, many Buddhists come to the lake to pay homage and pray. This is a perfect chance to enjoy the view of the ravishing lake while experiencing Tibetan Buddhist culture.

4. Ganden to Samye Trek:
The Ganden to Samye trek is regarded as one of the most popular trekking routes in Tibet. This route is a perfect example of mixing scenery with spirituality. Ganden monastery and Samye monastery are the two revered holy sites. This excursion has a lot to offer with a diverse landscape of valleys, alpine forests, and many small lakes. This journey can take 4-5 days with a distance of 80 kilometers. The high altitudes can make this trek challenging.

What to eat and where to stay during Tibet trek?

The best part about being in Tibet for a lot of people is enjoying the rich Tibetan cuisine. Most Tibet trek routes have small local restaurants providing delectable authentic Tibetan dishes. As you start getting higher, there will be simple eateries and teahouses providing instant Tibetan food packages. If you are not a big fan of Tibetan food, you might want to bring your own instant packaged foods, and energy bars

Most Tibet trekking routes provide options for living in monastery guesthouses. This is the time to forget about the lavish hotel lifestyles and enjoy the local Tibetan way of living. The guesthouses are very basic but most of them are ideally clean. Another option for sleeping is camping overnight in the tents of your own. You will find a lot of camping spots which are open and free to use. Make sure you have a warm sleeping bag with you as it gets chillier at night!

What to pack for trekking in Tibet?

Packing good equipment while trekking in Tibet is not only important for comfort but equally important for survival. Regardless of the time, you are traveling, you need to pack warm clothes. Even though you are traveling during summer or spring, the temperature goes down as the altitude goes up.

To keep yourself warm, be sure to pack 4-5 layers of clothing and a very warm sleeping bag. You can pack some long sleeve t-shirts that will keep you warm and it is also to take-off during the day when sun is out. The real hack would be to pack plenty of thin layered clothes which will help you keeping warmth.

Moreover, waterproof materials are considered to be the best. Packing thick woolen socks can be very vital as it can save you from blisters. Similarly, packing some hats can not only protect you from cold but also the UV rays during long days under the sun. Make sure your backpack is not gigantic and is comfortable to carry as you will be carrying it over rough terrain for a long distance.

It is also a good idea to pack a trekking stick as it can help you keep your balance while walking in rough trails. It is very important to hydrate yourself while trekking. Bring a good water bottle easy to carry while walking and pack some energy bars you can snack on to keep your energy up.

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