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Tips of Tibet Tour in July and August

July and August are considered as the best time to visit Tibet by most people to enjoy brilliant sunshine, beautiful scenery, and festive events. During rainy season, the scenery is at its best and there are also great festive events held.

August in Tibet Breathtaking view of Tibet in August shot by our clients.

Tips of Tibet Tour in July and August

a. Identifications. Before you travel to Tibet, Tibet permit and other relative permits are necessary for foreign tourists. Except for permits, you need to bring your passport and visa with you.

b. Clothes. Due to rainy season and large temperature between day and night, it's better to bring long-sleeved clothes, down jacket, outdoor jacket, wet suit and waterproof shoes.

c. Protecting skin. With high altitude and thin air, there is extremely strong the ultraviolet ray in Tibet plateau. Sunscreen cream, sunglasses and sunhat are necessary to protect your skin and eyes.

d. Medicine for preventing altitude sickness, like Glucose and Rhodiola rosea. Altitude sickness usually occurs after your stay in Lhasa for a while or on your second day in Lhasa. Therefore, do not do any strenuous exercise upon your arrival at Lhasa even if you feel quite good.

e. Prepare spare batteries for your camera and enough cash as it is still not very convenient to draw money from ATMs or banks in Tibet, especially in remote areas of Tibet.

Travel tips to Tibet Packing List when travelling to Tibet in July and August.

f. As it is the peak tourism season of Tibet, it is advisable to join in a tour group to cut down the cost. You can staying overnight in a family hostel is a good choice, with Tibetan atmosphere, low cost but high comfortableness.

g. Respect local customs and walk around the temples in the clockwise direction when you are in Tibet. You'd better not touch Buddha statues and the head of Tibetan people or take pictures inside of the temples. 

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