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How to Apply China Tibet Visa

Foreign tourists only need Chinese Visa to visit Beijing, Shanghai or other cities in China, but going to Tibet is very different. To travel to Tibet, you must have Tibet Travel Permit issued by the Tourism Bureau of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR).

If you want to visit border areas like Mount Everest and Mount Kailash, you must have additional permissions from other government agencies of the TAR, such as the foreign affairs office, the public security department, the armed forces frontier corps and the military region.

All these permits for Tibet tours can be entrusted to a travel agency. Even so, it is sometimes not easy, as the Tibet visa policy and requirements keep changing.

For all travelers like you, who are going to Tibet for the first time, how to get the permit successfully is always a big question. Therefore, we are giving some suggestions below. Hopefully, they can help people better understand the Tibet visa policies and the Travel Permit application procedures.

What kinds of travel permit should I apply for before my Tibet tour?

The permits required for Tibet travel vary depending on the area you are going to visit. Among them, Tibet Travel Permit is a must for all travelers to Tibet.

For those who will visit the ‘unopened’ areas outside Lhasa city, like the Everest Base Camp in Shigatse and Samye Monastery in Tsedang, they also need to apply for the Alien’s Travel Permit.

If you go further to Mount Kailash or eastern Tibet, you need to apply for the Military Area Entry Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit besides.

Who needs to apply for the travel permit to visit Tibet?

All international tourists need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit, also known as Tibet entry permit, to enter Tibet.

It is convenient for most overseas travelers to apply for their Tibet permit online with a Tibetan local travel agency and receive the permit before their Tibet tour.

But for those diplomats, journalists, and government officials, they need to apply for their entry permit through the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.

Also, for Indian tourists who are going to visit Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake, they need to book their tour with a Nepali or India Travel agency that cooperates with the Foreign Affairs Office of TAR or Tibet-India pilgrim Reception Center.

Only residents of Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and those overseas Chinese with Chinese ID can visit Tibet without the permit.

Can I apply for the Tibet permit without a tour?

No travel agent in Tibet will provide the Tibet permit application service without a tour.

Only the agency who arranges your tour in Tibet can apply for Tibet Permit on your behalf. And the information on your Tibet tour, like your travel dates, the places you will visit in Tibet, where you will enter Tibet from, and the number of your group members will be listed on the permit and all of the information cannot be changed once it issued.

Can I get a Tibet permit for FREE?

Though the permit itself is free for a charge by the government, it is reasonable for Tibet travel agencies to charge the service fee for sorting out travel information, preparing paper works, and deliver the permit to customers.

In fact, you can get a FREE Tibet travel permit by visiting Tibet with us. As the largest local Tibet travel agency, we have got over 8000 permits successfully annually. We promise our customers a successful and free application for Tibet Travel Permit all the time.

Can I apply for the Tibet permit after I arrive in China or Nepal?

Since the Tibet Permit application is through a local travel agency online, it doesn't matter where you are.

What matters is how far in advance you apply for your Tibet Travel Permit.

Generally, it takes at least 10 working days to issue the permit. So it is suggested to apply for your permit at least 30 days in advance.

Can I go to the local office instead of applying for the permit online?

Though there are offices of Tibet Tourism Bureau in Chengdu and Beijing, they don’t have the right to issue the permit. Also, individual tourists can’t apply for the permit directly from the local office in Tibet.

The only way for international tourists to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit is to make an online reservation of a Tibet tour with a Tibet local travel agency and the agency will apply for all the required travel permits according to your schedule on your behalf.

Is there an age limitation for Tibet permit application?

There is no age limit for Tibet Permit application. In the past decades, the oldest traveler we had was at 84 years old, while the youngest one was just 3 years old.

But young kids and elder tourists who are going to visit Tibet need to pay attention to the altitude sickness in Tibet, especially for those who have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

No matter how old you are, if you carry high-blood pressure or heart seizure, it is not suggested you got to Tibet.

It is best to have a medical check-up and follow your doctor’s advice before going to Tibet, even you think you are healthy enough.

For family members of all ages, taking a good rest is an effective way to acclimatize to altitude sickness. It is advisable to take an easy and leisure trip to Lhasa or surroundings, not go to remote areas with poor basic facilities like Everest Base Camp or Mount Kailash.

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Travel Tibet without Permit

There are always people who wish to travel Tibet without Permit. Of course, that’s impossible.
But it’s worth noting that the Tibetan regions in China include more just Tibet. In neighboring Sichuan Province and Qinghai Province, there are also Tibetan areas worth visiting, such as Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng Yading, and Qinghai Lake. Permits are on longer required to visit these Tibetan areas.
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