Some useful tips for traveling to Namtso lake

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There are many beautiful lakes in Tibet and you’all of course see many of them during your tibet tours. And there’s one lake you should never miss when you travel in tibet: the Namtso lake. However, do you know this lake well and do you know how to travel it? In this article, I’d like to share you some useful tips for traveling to Namtso lake.

namtso lake

Best travel time:

The best time to travel to Namtso lake is from July to September. Namtso lake is the most beautiful in this time period and during this time, there are beautiful flowers and verdant grass around the lake. While this season also has its disadvantages for it is the rainy season and the road condition can be very bad due to the rain.


Experienced travelers may choose to spend the night on the lake together because, in that way, they can see the Namtso lake in the early morning as well as in the twilight. There are also earth houses available for travelers at this season, but it can only accommodate nine people at most; you can also live in the local army service station.

Must-try food in Namtso:

You are suggested to have a taste of the Tibetan yogurt. Believe me, it is a typical Tibetan dish and is well worth trying.

pilgrims circling the lake

Basic information considering circling the lake:

1. It is around 280km around the waterfront of the lake and is about 320km around the bus road circling the lake. If you trek all the time, it may take seven to ten days which depends on your physical strength. If you drive a car, then a good 4WDs is required and you may need some local Tibetan who is pretty familiar with the road condition all the way and it takes one to two days.

2. You should make proper preparation before you trek to circle the lake including making your body be fully adapted to the plateau environment. Besides, you should take enough necessary outdoor pieces of equipment including rainproofs.

3. Namtso lake is a salty lake and there are not many shops around the lake, so you should prepare enough food and drinks. The yak and horses used to carry the packages should be booked in advance in Baingoin County.

4. The simple circling line: start from Lhasa and live at Tashi Peninsula of Namtso lake; then, circle Tashi peninsula and Chakpori Mountain. Remember that the circles you circle around the Tashi Peninsula, according to the Tibetan customs, should be 13 and you should circle as many as the number of your age at Chakpori Mountain. And you should circle the lake in clockwise.

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Special tips for tourists:

1. tourists who are planning to travel to Namtso lake are recommended to stay in Lhasa for three to five days to better adapt to the plateau environment and avoid high altitude sickness;

2. Namtso lake is 190km north of Lhasa and on the way to Namtso you may feel cold because of the strong wind in the high mountains and the temperature is also low, so you should take warm clothes along with you.

3. when traveling in Namtso, you must tour the Tashi Peninsula for it is really worth traveling;

4. if the weather is not good, for instance, it is raining or snowing, you are not recommended to head to Namtso as the snow can be very thick in Nagen Mountain Pass;

5. some tourists may want to walk to Namtso, but you should know that it is no easy thing trekking on the highest plateau and you should take enough supplies, tents and much other necessary equipment;

6. although it is feasible to leave Lhasa for Namtso lake and return to Lhasa on the same day, you may choose to spend the night in Namtso to fully enjoy it on the Tashi Peninsula. There is Tashi Monastery as well as some guesthouses and restaurants on the peninsula. You can also set a tent to spend your night there, but you should pay special attention to keep warm at night for it can be really cold;

7. below Tashi Peninsula is the graceful lake shoreline of Namtso lake and it is perfectly beautiful in the morning and in the evening.

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