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Tips for Mt. Kailash Trek

December,25 2018 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Mount Kailash trek has always been one of the most difficult treks in Asia. Pilgrims came from all around the world, defying hardships to do the 52km circuit trek around Mt. Kailash.

Before trek to Mount Kailash, the following are some useful tips to help you have a nice Kailash trekking tour in terms of preparation, food, accommodation, porter service and what to pack in Mount Kailash trekking tour.

Mount Kailash Trek Appreciating stunning scenery of Mount Kailash while Kailash trekking.

Preparation for Mount Kailash Trek

1. Tibet permit
For foreigners who want to trek to Mount Kailash, you need 3 kinds of Tibet permit to visit Mt. Kailash: Tibet Travel Permit, Aliens’ Travel Permit and Military Area Entry Permit. Don’t worry about all these permits, because your guide will help you to handle all of them.

2. Altitude sickness
The Kailash kora has an average elevation about 5,000m and the highest point is as high as 5,630m.
If you suffer from altitude sickness, please consider stopping ascending, otherwise more serious problems may occur. The only remedy for the altitude sickness is to walk to a lower altitude. You may rent or buy oxygen bottles from the hotels in Darchen. It is highly recommended to buy one just in case. Or you can prepare some medicine for altitude sickness, like Rhodiola rosea.

Mount Kailash Trek Road The rugged gravel road to Mount Kailash.

Food and Accommodation in Mount Kailash Trekking

1. Food in Kailash trekking tour
You may see yurts along the trekking path. You can rest in the yurts. They provide traditional Tibetan dishes, like buttered tea, instant noodles and beverages.
There are two hotels at Dira-puk Monastery, of which meal conditions is very bad. Therefore you can just take a stove and a set of cookware to boil water or cook meals by yourself.

2. Accommodation in Kailash trekking tour
There are a lot of hotels and guest houses at Darchen. Gangdise Hotel, one of the most famous hotels is often fully occupied in peak seasons. You may go for other hostels in the street.
You’d better remember that electricity of hostels from 9 p.m. – 12 p.m., which is produced by their own generators. If you want to recharge your cameras or mobile phones, you should pay attention to this schedule. You just pay 50 RMB per person for a bed of the average quality. But it could rise up to 200 RMB in peak seasons.

Accommodation in Kailash Trek Simple lodges on the way to Kailash pilgrimage.

Porter Service in Trekking to Mount Kailash

You don’t have to take all your gears during Mt. Kailash trek. If you want to hire a porter, the rate is about 120 RMB a day. The accurate charge depends on the weight of your luggage and the season. You should pay for the porter’s accommodation and meals on the way.
Porters can be easily found at all the hotels in Darchen. They would approach you themselves. You’d better contact the village committee at the crossing of Darchen for porters.
Families from all the communities of Darchen Village take turn to send their family members as porters to serve travelers. They all have to go through the village committee. You will pay the committee directly, and the porters will get their service fee from the village committee after they finish serving you and return to the village. Of course, there is another easier way: talk to your guide and he will find one for you.

What to Pack in Mount Kailash Trekking Tour

Before your Kailash pilgrimage tour, the following is a list of some must-have gears.

1. Small backpack, Gloves, Trekking pole, Headlamp, sun cream, sunglasses;
2. Hiking boots, Hiking socks, insulated jacket, outdoor or fleece jacket and pants, down or fleece sleeping bag;
3. Food, insulated thermos, stove, fuel bottle, a set of cookware;
4. Personal drugs.

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