Four Biggest Mistakes about Traveling in Tibet

November,20 2019 BY Master Kungga Dundruk 0 COMMENTS

Misled by the bewildering amount of information on Internet, many foreigners make some mistakes about Tibet. Here, Tibet Travel Org CITS releases four biggest mistakes for travelers' reference.

Mistake one: It is too cold to visit Tibet in winter.

This is the biggest mistake many travelers make. They think Tibet is unbearably cold in winter. In fact, the weather at many must-see sites is great. There is warm sunshine! Especially in Lhasa, the temperature averages about 12 degrees Celsius in the daytime. Those who have visited Tibet in winter even consider it as the best time to travel to Tibet, not only because the tour cost is the lowest, but also because they can avoid big crowds and explore each site more comfortably. Tibet is also at its most authentic in winter, which is the slack farming season. Many Tibetans from the surrounding plateaus take this opportunity to make pilgrimage. Monasteries, temples and streets are teeming with traditionally dressed Tibetans.
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Mistake two: High altitude sickness may ruin the trip in Tibet.

Before traveling to Tibet, some travelers worry that they may suffer from high altitude sickness during the whole trip. Actually, only a few people would suffer from serious high altitude sickness when going quickly from lower altitudes to higher ones. Most just experience some mild symptoms on the first one or two days, such as a little headache, loss of appetite and insomnia. The symptoms usually disappear after they acclimatize to the high altitude. But it is important to spend a few days at a lower altitude before continuing to higher places.

Mistake three: Tibet is not safe because of its political instability.

Many foreigners might be misled by some information on Internet written by people who have never been to Tibet or have misconception about Tibet, and are therefore convinced that Tibet is a place filled with violence and terror. However, when they travel in Tibet, they will find that it is a peaceful place with kind people and beautiful landscape.

Mistake four: Tibet is an extremely poor place.

Although Tibet is a remote area with high altitude and harsh climate, it is not as poor as it used to be. In recent years, it has developed into a hot tourist destination with advanced facilities, like airports, railways, asphalt roads and starred hotels.

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