Are there hotels around Lhasa Airport

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I might say sorry for the question "Are there hotels around Lhasa Airport", because at present there is only one hotel in Lhasa airport, Gonggar Airport which is very expensive. But there are lots of hotels in Lhasa downtown which is not far from Lhasa Gonggar Airport.

Lhasa-Gonggar Airport Highway

Lhasa - Gonggar Airport Highway

The airport is around 60km away from Lhasa city. There are regular buses running between Lhasa and Gonggar Airport. The price of the regular bus is 27RMB. And there are also vehicles for lease. The price of the released cars depends on your bargain with the drivers, usually around 200RMB.

hotel in lhasa

For the hotels in Lhasa city, they are at all levels from budget hostels or guesthouses to deluxe five star international hotels. You can stay in a Tibetan hotel for an great Tibetan culture experience. This kind of hotels are economic and rich Tibetan culture atmosphere demonstrated by the decoration, the furnishing and the layout which all exude authentic Tibetan flavor. Even the staff are all local Tibetan.

Tibetan hotel

The nearest recommended hotels and accommodation to Lhasa Gonggar Airport are Fuxin Yuan Hotel (43 km north), Tibet Tianhe Hotel (43 km north), Golden Tibet Holiday Hotel (43 km north), Jardin Secret Hotel (43 km north), and Tashi Choten Hotel (47 km north).

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