How to Get Tibet Permit in Chengdu

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“I would like to get to Lhasa by train or by air from Chengdu, but how can I get Tibet permit in Chengdu?”  This is the biggest problem that many travelers worry about when they are planning a tour from Chengdu to Tibet because Tibet permit is a must for them to enter Tibet.

Chengdu, the economic center of southwest China, is the most popular gateway city to Tibet. It is the nearest place to fly to Tibet, 2 hours to Lhasa and 1.5 hours to Nyingchi. Chengdu is also connected with Lhasa by a 3,360 km rail, which transports millions of tourists each year. Is it possible for foreign tourists to get a Tibet Travel Permit in Chengdu? The answer is definitely YES.

Before Qinghai-Tibet Railway was put into operation in July 2006, Chengdu was the only city with direct flights to Tibet. Those flying to Tibet from other cities of Mainland China, like Beijing and Shanghai, had to make a stopover or transfer to another flight in Chengdu. Thus, Chengdu plays the key role for travelers to get into Tibet. Many Tibet travel agencies, like our company Tibet Travel Org, have set up reception offices in Chengdu.

Chengdu also enjoys a good blend with Tibet both in economy and culture, attracting lots of Tibetans to settle down in this city. Many government departments also opened offices in Chengdu to serve local Tibetans and handle relevant affairs. Tibet Tourism Bureau is one of them. Its Chengdu office used to issue Tibet travel permit to foreigners for many years, during which tourists were able to get the permit within 3-5 working days. Sometimes, they could get it within one working day at emergency request. At that time, tourists were even allowed to travel in Tibet independently after obtaining the permit.

However, the Chengdu office of Tibet Tourism Bureau was deprived of its right in issuing Tibet permits in late 2006. Instead, the Lhasa head office has been in charge of issuing Tibet Travel Permit for all foreign visitors. All the necessary documents must be sent to Lhasa and reviewed by local tourism bureau, public security bureau, foreign affairs office and other relevant government departments. The issued permits will be handed over to local travel agencies before being delivered to the city where the tourists start the trip.

Thanks to bustling airlines, leaving from Chengdu to Tibet is considered the fastest way to get Tibet travel Permit. With rich experiences and geographical advantages, we at the Tibet Travel Org Reception Office in Chengdu can rapidly get the permit. We will help travelers to apply for the permit in the shortest time and send it to their hotels in Chengdu as soon as the permit is issued. We can even deliver it to those who just have a couple of hours to transfer to Lhasa in Chengdu Airport. 

Generally, we are able to complete the application within 3-5 working days (including delivery if travelers request the permit in Chengdu). We have kept a record of “One Day to Get Tibet Permit” in recent years. For the most emergent cases, we can deliver the permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau to the traveler’s hand just within 4-5 hours. We are pleased to be at your service if you have an urgent need. Just feel free to contact us.

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