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Guide to Bird Watching at Turquoise Blue Yamdrok Tso in Tibet

December,04 2018 BY Master Kungga Dundruk 0 COMMENTS

Yamdrok Lake, one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet, is a freshwater lake in Tibet. It is about 100 kilometers south of the region's capital Lhasa. The lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains means the Lake of Jade in Tibetan language. Located in the southern part of the Yarlung Zangbo River, it is about 70 times the size of the West Lake in Hangzhou, with 21 isolated islands scattering around, on which different kinds of migrant birds inhabiting there. Bird Island is the biggest paradise for waterfowls and wild birds in Tibet. Thousands of birds spreading their wings flying over the lake right in front of your eyes would be the the most astonishing scenery you’ve ever seen.

Yamdrok LakeYamdrok Tso Lake is famous for its turquoise blue water.

Brief Introduction of Bird Island in Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is the largest habitat for migration birds in southern Tibet.This bird island is in the Yamdrok Lake in Nagarze County of Shannan Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. On this island live thousands of wild birds such as bar-headed geese and gulls. It is only about 15 meters’ high, rocks and stones covering around. There is a small shabby stone room standing on this island, being as a ad hoc dwelling for birdman when in breeding season.

When the birds come, the Yamdrok Lake bank and the island appear more lively. When paddling a little boat on the way to Bird Island, you will get lost in the picturesque view for sure. The glittering lake and the snow white jokul are way beyond description. Tweets from swarms of birds flying in the sky or playing in the crystal lake and rolling snow mountains far away, are not only a feast for the eye, but an unforgettable memory that remains in the bottom of your heart.

Classification of Birds on This Island

Birds on this island can be roughly classified into 3 categories: summer birds, winter birds and passing birds. Summer birds are those which reproduce at one place in spring or summer, yet fly to south to spend winter. Bar-headed goose and brown-headed gull, the major species on this island, are also summer birds. Bar-headed gooses often lay eggs here between May and mid-June. Between late-June and mid-July, the brown-headed gulls will take over this island in turn. After multiplication, they all leave for south at October and November.

According to the local people, there are about 7500 bar-headed gooses, 7000 brown-headed gulls and 2800 nests here in most times. That’s exactly why you have to be extremely careful the every second you step on the Bird Island - you may stamp on these cute eggs. Given the discretion that you may not know the intensity of eggs, just imagine a cloudless starry night in summer.

Beautiful Scenery of Yamdrok LakeBeautiful scenery scenery in Yandrok Lake will leave you a deep impression.

Birds on the IslandMany birds inhabiting on this island make it full of vitality.

Bar-headed GoosesBar-headed Gooses are flying in the blue sky.

Brown-headed GullsBrown-headed Gull is one of the major species on this island.

Tips for Visisting This Bird Island

1.The essence of bird watching is to watch only without intervention. You cannot catch any birds or try to take away any eggs.
2.Do not linger around at the nest area. Birds will fly away when you get close, so if you stay at the area, the eggs may not be hatched due to their parents are too frightened to sit on them. 
3. Tibet Travel Permit is necessary for foreign tourists.

Master Kungga Dundruk

About the Author - Master Kungga Dundruk

The Lhasa-born prodigy used to study business overseas, and got his Bachelor of Business in Nepal and India before moving back to his homeland.With pure passion for life and unlimited love for Tibet, Kunga started his guide career as early as 1997.

Responsible, considerate and humorous, he devoted his entire life guiding and serving international tourists travelling in Tibet.As a legendary Tibetan travel guru with 20-year pro guide experience , he once had an exclusive interview with the US media. Currently he is working in Tibet Vista as the Tour Operating Director. Whenever our clients run into troubles, he is your first call and will offer prompt support.

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