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What You Should Know for Biking in Tibet

Doing a cycling tour in Tibet is very popular both among young and old travelers to Tibet. While it may seem like a challenge to ride a bike at such a high plateau, it’s the best way to delve into Tibet and experience the local culture and life.

To start planning your biking tour in Tibet, please check out the following key information about cycling in Tibet.

When is the best time for cycling in Tibet?

The best time for cycling in Tibet is from May to early June and from September to October, during which the weather is quite pleasant with less rainfall.

Summer is the rainy season in Tibet. It is not bad to bike around Lhasa city. But if you want to take a long journey, such as an epic bike tour through Sichuan Tibet highway or from Lhasa to Kathmandu, some sections of the road may be bad after heavy rain.

In winter, some roads in Tibet may be closed due to heavy snowfall, like the way to Namtso Lake. Please feel free to contact us for detailed weather information about your preferred travel time.

What is the physical demand for cycling in Tibet?

Cycling in Tibet is a test of physical strength and endurance. You need to overcome the hypoxic conditions of the plateau to complete your daily rides.

It would be good if you have experience in mountain riding. Physical training a month in advance will also help you to be more comfortable with cycling in Tibet.

In addition to physical exercise, don't be too burdened mentally. A good psychological state can also alleviate the discomfort of high altitude sickness in Tibet.

Can I bring my own bike to Lhasa? Can I rent or buy a bike in Lhasa?

Yes, you can bring your own bike to Lhasa by air or by train. Please pay attention to the package of your bike. Just consult your airlines for detailed packing requirements.

If you just want to experience a short biking experience during your Tibet tour, you can easily rent a bicycle in Lhasa. For normal sightseeing biking in the city, the rent rate is 3 to 5 RMB per hour or 20 to 30 RMB per day. The rental rate for mountain bikes is about 50 to 60 RMB per day.

Nowadays, it is also convenient to buy a new mountain bike in Lhasa. Most of the mountain bikes you can find in Lhasa are made in China and cost about 500 RMB. You can sell your bike to local people after finishing your Tibet cycling tour.

What to pack for cycling in Tibet?

Everything you need for an ordinary bike tour is also necessary for a bike tour in Tibet, such as cycling pants, long-sleeved sports, gloves, and helmet.

For a tour outside Lhasa city, such as a biking tour to Namtso Lake, to Everest Base Camp or Kathmandu, you also need to take some warm clothing, like a down coat, since it is much colder in the high mountain areas.

Also, quality sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary for outside activities in Tibet to keep you away from the strong UV ray in the plateau.

Most of the ride is on the trail in Tibet. Please take some energy bars, nuts, and chocolate with you.

Moreover, we provide you with a full set of logistic supplies for cycling in Tibet, such as the back-up truck, bike spare parts, medical kits, and oxygen supply. You don’t have to ride with a load, just leave your luggage with your guide.

Can I cycle on my own in Tibet? What if I choose to travel alone without any support?

Sorry, you need to be accompanied by a local guide in Tibet.

To get the Tibet Travel Permit, which allows you to enter Tibet, you need to book your biking tour in Tibet with a local travel agency.

We offer pre-arranged Tibet biking tours covering all the best routes in Tibet. Also, you can tell us your interests and requirements to customize your own biking tour in Tibet.

What are the biking routes in Tibet?

The most popular biking route in Tibet is from Lhasa to Kathmandu, which covers 946km. Generally, it takes around 13 to 16 days to complete the epic journey through the Himalaya.

Another popular cycling tour in Tibet is from Lhasa to Namtso Lake, which only takes about 8 days. The most challenging part of this route is to cross the Mount Nagenla Pass at 5190 meters above the sea level.

For the beginner riders who are looking for a light biking experience in Tibet, the cycling routes from Lhasa to Ganden Monastery or from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake are good choices.

If you are an adventure, you can challenge the long-distance biking routes from Chengdu to Lhasa via Sichuan Tibet highway or from Golmud to Lhasa via Qinghai Tibet highway.

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