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Advice on Tibet train tour for seniors

June,10 2023 BY Pasang 0 COMMENTS

Tibet is a world top tourist destination for travelers at all ages. For young people, Tibet is a place for adventure; for seniors, Tibet is a place for enriching their life in their remaining years. Taking train to Tibet is a popular way of travelling to Tibet, so here we share some advice on Tibet train tour for seniors. 

Tibetan monastery
An ancient Tibetan Monastery

As a train trip to Tibet is really a long journey, travelers cannot keep their regular life and will get tired easily, especially for seniors. Therefore, seniors are highly recommended to take sleeper berth. In addition, the life on the Tibet train is not as convenient as in a hotel or at their own house. Therefore, it is best to prepare enough daily necessities, like napkins, towels, toothbrush, cup for drinking hot water, etc. 

scenery along qinghai tibet railway
Scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway

It is also necessary for seniors to have a through physical examination before starting the Tibet train tour. Seniors with uncontrolled glycuresis, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart diseases, blood diseases, cranial vascular diseases, chronic respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular or hepatic diseases are not suitable for travelling to Tibet. Besides, it is best to take along drugs in common use like hypotensor and vasodilator since it is hardly to find a hospital along the Qinghai-Tibet railway.  

scenery along qinghai tibet railway
Scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Moreover, seniors are not recommended to travel alone. It is best to join a Tibet tour group if they do not travel with friends or family members. In this case, other travelers can take care of them during the trip.

During the Tibet train tour, seniors should have enough rest, drink enough water, eat some fruit and vegetable.  


About the Author - Pasang

Exceedingly approachable, attentive, and knowledgeable, Pasang exemplifies what a top-notch local Tibetan guide can be. Based on his 20+ years of guide experience, Pasang knows how to flexibly rearrange a traveler’s itinerary to make it comfortable for travelers during long rides. He always checked in with each traveler to make sure they were feeling well due to the altitude.

Besides, Pasang’s encyclopedic knowledge of Tibetan culture & history helps travelers easily navigate through the mysterious Tibetan monasteries and old streets, etc. When Pasang unwinds, he also enjoys sharing his expertise by writing travel articles.

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